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34 Comments on Installing Wndows on a Mac with Boot Camp


  2. My problem is.. I don't have the leopard disk. Because I bought my macbook late 2011 ( If i'm correct)

  3. @llauriann So you dont have to buy a PC 😀

  4. @Karim1Sauk1dere yep thats the plan. What else you would need windows for?

  5. What was the MAC operating on your iMac? Was it snow leopard? I get upto 4:40 easily but when it reboots, it asks me to press any key to boot from the disk, obviously I don't want it to boot from the CD coz it will repeat the first process all over again but when I let it time out, it says 'disc error'. I would of loved to see what happened in the video after 4:40? I am using a pirated copy of the Windows, could this be the reason?

  6. 51,204 viewer exactly!! XD

  7. great video! I accidentally hit one of the 4 options and I no longer see my mac hard drive, any ideas on how to fix it I need HELP please

  8. hey what kind of your mac my is powermac g5 i bought it from an other guy i am not sure that it is a intel base or not the think is i can not fing the bootcamp in it so do i have to download it some where and instal it, i want to instal windows in it
    please help

  9. @kamikim1 No idea if you ever found an answer to this question as it's been so long, but in the Boot Camp Control Panel there's an option to set the default operating system. You can also change it from within OSX too by selecting Starup Disk from System Preferences.

  10. @InvaderAlex08
    You could try again, but make sure it's Windows XP SP2 or later and that it's legit (no torrents). After you've followed the steps and installed it, Windows should work (just make sure you install the drivers through the Mac OS X Install disc).

  11. "'To format the drive, press F.' ah thats scary…" lol

  12. Your a champ!. I was a little lost until I realized I need to install mac drivers.
    Basic step by step is the best demo. Cheers!

  13. so lets say you get an Imac 21" with 1TB hardrive how would you partition both of them to ge the most out of the drive space? would 80GBs be enough for the operating system on the mac side and 80GB also for the Win side and the rest for storage space?

  14. uhhhh do you have to buy thta snow leopard this separatly cause i see no hint of it in my macbook box (yes my mac is snow leopard) do i even need it?

  15. what type of service pack do u need to put on the windows because i got sp3 with OEM and does not work

  16. There's a very good reason for those 93 updates, though I'm sure with it being windows xp pro… there ware a ton more after that.

    The main thing that we all know is that Microsoft related products have been a huge target for hackers simply because it has the largest market share available. One thing to keep in mind though, just imagine the amount of security holes to be patched if Linux ever became the largest market share. Especially with it being open source. HAHA!

  17. PRess "option" when booting up to select the disk

  18. Can we switch between Mac OS X 10.whatever and Windows Xp, vista, etc.? Or once we install this, are we stuck with it?

  19. do not click anything when the do you want to boot thing comes up just leave it
    then will come up another screen which tells you its continuing to install. it reboots again and then you can create users and such

    good luck

  20. Thank you so much i've been planning to set up windows on my mac n this helps a lot thanks, sir!

  21. I used bootcamp, put on windows, but then I deleted it(don't ask why). But when i start my mac theres a blue screen, but then it goes black and it says that theres no system to boot on r someting. pls help me!

  22. WOW! thanks for doing this video! I just bought a new mac mini 2009 and installed XP, but i couldn't find the drivers for it online anywhere! i didn't realize apple was awesome enough to actually give you windows drivers on your leopard disk! gonna do it right now :DDDDD
    Thanks again, you've made me very happy LOL

  23. im doing it right now!!!! AWESOME!!!!

  24. When you boot up your Mac, do you get a choice to choose your os or is windows booted from within leopard? Just wondering cause I just got a Mac.

  25. thanks so much, lol i was crapping in my pants because i hadnt looked at the directions, thinking it would be easy. Your little double check earlier for the format change was what i needed to change. Thanks so much, 5stars and subscribe

  26. u r a total noob rofl

  27. yeah he's right their pretty much the same thing.
    i would only use the regular one if you really have the time,
    really feel like it's nessary or you have OC.

  28. when you turn off your mac with boot camp and turn it back on, it becomes a real mac rite?

  29. hi there i have a question im thinking of putting windows xp on my mac as well but i have a question, will in need virus protection? when i use OSX i dont use virus protection. so what do you think?

  30. thanks man this video really helped me! I made the error of not printing the instructions and I was stuck… THANKS! 😀

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