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Mac Desktop Transformation Pack for Windows 7.


Ok so this is a theme that turns Windows7 Into a Mac Desktop, Looks sick .

Snow Leopard Transformation Pack for Windows 7 :

Looks like this after install xD

Too remove, restart your PC/LAPTOP then the MAC options comes up click REMOVE/UNINSTALL.

13 Comments on Mac Desktop Transformation Pack for Windows 7.

  1. How to uin….

  2. yeah good tutorial and GREAT song

  3. ye… doesn't look much like a mac.

  4. @SamuraiiPS3 wheres the options? i dont see it and i restarted

  5. It Keeps telling me run as a administrator even tho im using the administrator account

  6. Good tutorial man! +1 sub. But how can i change this back?

  7. @SamuraiiPS3 oh ok do you know who made it? i am going to make a video about it because its awesome and i wanted to give credit

  8. did you make this?

  9. @MrXCrAzEdScOpEzx check is last vid. its like that

  10. XP SP3 ?? dose it work for that?

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