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Make a Windows XP Bootable Flash Drive

Ever want to take Windows XP (or any version of Windows, really) with you wherever you go? Maybe you’d rather use XP than the OS installed on a public computer. Maybe you just want to prank your friends and watch as their computer boots into a 16 year old OS.

Whatever the case, today I’m going to show you how to create a bootable flash drive that will launch Windows XP in a virtual machine on (almost) any computer you plug it into.


25 Comments on Make a Windows XP Bootable Flash Drive

  1. Microsoft patched XP past death/discontinuation?
    Everyone liked that

  2. This looks very complicated. Is there anyone who sells a zip drive with XP already on it?

  3. For those who use Lubuntu 18.04, here is how you launch VirtualBox at start up:

    1 – Create a file containing this code

    vboxmanage startvm “Windows XP” –type GUI

    2 – Save the file as

    3 – Open lxterminal and execute the codes below
    sudo chown root:root /path/to/

    sudo chmod 4775 /path/to/

    4 – Go into Preferences -> Default applications for LXSession -> Add new entry
    bash /path/to/

    All credit goes to Xian @
    As a Linux newbie, trying to get this working stole my night. Hope it helps you.

  4. 3:40 You could also install software on Linux graphically, using software manager. 🙂

  5. …will your instruction create a "persistent" partition for XP?

  6. If I make a windows xp boot able disk can I go back to my normal os?

  7. I Tried But It Didn't Work

  8. I'm under a lot of stress but I am going to attempt this

  9. You have 32? I have 64, I'm lucky.

  10. Can I reinstall my mini xp and get my dada

  11. Install ubuntu onto the usb then do everything you just did. This actually helped me make a bootable ubuntu usb.

  12. This isnt booting xp off a usb.

  13. chromebook lets you do linux stuff. can i do this on that?

  14. Note: Lubuntu might be your best option here.

  15. Did you try Hyper-V on Windows Server? It has a lot emphasis on disk images and things similar to that. It's actually quite a mess in storage locations and all that.,,on of the many reasons I use VMware instead, but since those are native tools to Windows you might go further. There's also a version or Windows called Windows to Go in Enterprise editions of Windows, I think it appeared around the time of Windows 7. Windows 2009 Embedded is another option, it needs around 1-2GB of storage; it's used in thin clients that boot from things like Compact Flash. Finally, there's Windows 10 IoT which is basically the same as Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB, has low-ish requirements as well and, I can't believe this still, but it's completely free, it's weird because LTSB is some sort of a stacked license (Pro+Enterprise+…), the most expensive of all. If you want to license it for things like embedded whatnots and thin clients it's like USD25-35, it's nightmarish getting to it because you give your email to Microsoft and one reseller later contacts you but it's way more doable than before.

    Though, to be honest, for USD25-35, I'd rather get Red Hat Enterprise Linux and skin it to look like Windows. If the goal is that. I forgot the point I was trying to make. 🙂

  16. Wait a sec… could you just make a Windows XP VM and then make that into a img and put it on the USB

  17. Does it have direct 3d?

  18. Lol virtual machine in a virtual machine

  19. What is source path and destination path?

  20. why not just eliminate the first layer of virtualbox by making a linux pendrive

  21. can you use shared folders to install virtual box in ubuntu/lubuntu etc.

  22. can i do this with just installing windows xp on a vm?

  23. I'll just use this to install Windows 10 like this

  24. You clickbaited me 😮

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