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19 Comments on Make Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon look like Windows 7

  1. T h e g u y t a l k s s o o o o s l o w

  2. what a fucking aweful video…… shite and confusing.

  3. the guy in the video reminds me of Bob Ross.
    Bob Ross – In The Midst Of Winter

  4. Why the hell did the developer of Linux Mint decide to make the Linux Mint theme vomit green ? I know mint is usually green but vomit green for an OS ?

  5. Looks nothing like Windows 7

  6. Ein spiel das mit Unity Erstellt wurde Läuft zu 100% Braucht man nicht mal wine….. Hätte einfach Mono genommen 😛

  7. I don't think it looks as good, but it's the best you can do with Linux Mint. I cannot wait till ReactOS is more comptabile and reliable, that looks like classic Windows.

  8. how to change folders>?

  9. Who want his Linux looks like windows?
    I always trying to make windows look like linux

  10. Why have you put word start if you make Linux mint look like Windows 7?

  11. Trolling scams… how it's fun

  12. How about the semi transparent window borders?

  13. You may want to try Cinn7 on Linux Mint in that transformation video, it looks better on it…

  14. +Jeff Vincent What the fuck are you talking about? Linux isn't going to hit the mainstream anytime soon because people are fucking retarded in what they qualify as "good". I'm fine if you gave Windows and Linux a fair chance, and you just happen to like Windows more, that's fine, but the reason people don't like Linux is because there isn't a multi-billion dollar company forcing it onto their prebuilt computers. I can't be completely wrong, because everyone I've ever asked always told me that they didn't want some "unstable, buggy and shady" OS they haven't heard of, they want an OS backed by one company that has a ton of advertising and media coverage. In fact, the only reason Windows has more games than Linux is because everyone and their mom has Windows.

  15. +Jeff Vincent Linux is NOT an operating system it's a kernel, people make distros with the kernel, if you don't like Mint try any of the 1000+ Linux Distributions, my god you are fucking dumb. Stop hating on a kernel and hate on Mint

  16. This kind of thing is why Linux will almost always be only for "nerds" & will never make it to mainstream. Getting rid of Win 7 as I type this, installed Linux Mint; HOLY SHIT. Password asking me for EVERYTHING. I don't need to be "always secure" to install various programs when M$ lets me goto the user acct tab and SHUT THE NOTIFICATIONS OFF. Holy hell peeps, I remember Redhat 1.2, 15 years later and this is the best you got? Damn.

  17. it wasn't working because you had to close all your windows

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