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Make Use Of Your Old Computer! | Upgrades & Windows XP Gaming

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We have a global issue with E-Waste. As our computers age or break down and people upgrade to new systems, it’s commonplace to let the old systems collect dust for years, and then throw them out. Not only is this incredibly wasteful, but throwing out these…

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34 Comments on Make Use Of Your Old Computer! | Upgrades & Windows XP Gaming

  1. Do another video running 3DMark 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2001 SE on it and compare all the scores.

  2. Thinking of fixing my old dell pc soon. It was my older brothers’ for the longest time and he almost threw it out so I took it.

  3. Kinda late but how wat are some good things to make a windows xp a gaming pc budget is like 290

  4. Hope somethink happens lol

  5. I have I compaq I got around 2010 and haven't really used it. This has motivated me to upgrade it with more ram. It would not play games. It is so off putting to see the price of pcs. Thanks for your advice.

  6. ah my old work pc we meet again

  7. I found a very out dated and dusty windows xp professional 1-2 cpu with all original parts but I’m not sure why it doesn’t work does anyone know how I can fix it and then possibly turn it into a somewhat of a gaming desktop that can run games on medium to low graphicss??edit:should I just do what he does in the video orrrrr what??

  8. Can you give this for free beacuse im from bulgaria pls give me this

  9. I Can't get In To My Computer 🙁

  10. i have a intel d845pt motherboard and currently the geforce2 mx gpu. i want to know whats the best gpu i can replace it with? your desktop is very smilair to mine the big old grey dell lol

  11. I have that same PC but don't know anything about FIXING computers and would like to fix it to play fallout 3 and some angry birds and maybe battlefield 1942 which are all on disk so ya maybe u can help or idk btw I have a couple of other mother boards and can maybe be useful and also when I start up the PC I get is x300 se 128mb bios p/n 113-a33406-100
    So ya help? 🙂 Btw first time on channel and will sub and like of course 🙂

  12. My personal PC is still a 2001 dell dimension 8200 pc stock specs and configuration… My grandma gave it to me and I can't afford anything else.. I love watching tech vids but I breaks my heart that I can't get better

  13. I've had that exact dell model it was ok

  14. for a second there i thought i smelt some greenhamgaming

  15. My phone has better graphics

  16. Just get GeForce now

  17. I was able to get my dell dimension 4500 open easily

  18. Ha. I have a Geforce fx 5600 in an old Acer from 2000.

  19. Whats the music you used at the start? # C I N E M A T I C G R A P H I C S P O W E R

  20. I actually loved this video. Liked and Subscribed.

  21. the computer is not even on

  22. When u have Pentium and u have 9000fps in Minecraft with shaders…

  23. it can be converted as NAS (use freenas) or emulation machine up to Nintendo 64, PS1, or Sega Saturn era.

  24. i remember xp on this thing as a kid

  25. Make use of your old computer by…. Playing games that your new computer can play much better! I don't get the point.

  26. I found one of my childhood desktops Windows XP can't wait to upgrade it first I need to find the keyboard in the cable to hook it up to the TV It's been a decade since I used it so it's going to be hard wish me luck

  27. i had that exact same pc in 2011

  28. ok i have an old emachine computer that just slow like takes about 2 hours to just start up… hahaha but its a emachine EL1331G-01w – windows 7 premium 64-bit – AMD Athlon 2850e processor – NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE Integrated – DVD Super multi drive – 320 GB HDD – 2 GB memory – Multi – in – one digital manager. Now can i turn that into a gaming pc with out completely ripping it apart? I was told I'd have to upgrade everything & also that it would be impossable because of the slim case. when it was running ok I was very happy with it, then it wouldnt upgrade / update anymore. just completely took forever to start up. It took me like a week to get all my photo's off it, since I have not plugged it in to look for anything else I might have inside of it.

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