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Make Your Windows XP Computer Run Wicked Fast!

How to tweak your computer to get maximum performance. (XP)Subjects gone over such as
Desktop Icons, Antivirus, Windows Updates, Windows Tray, Startup exe’s, Virtual Memory, Disk Cleanup, Defrag. Comment the video please.

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20 Comments on Make Your Windows XP Computer Run Wicked Fast!

  1. Started watching this, thought he was smart till I saw he was using IE.

  2. thz now my computer works good

  3. Updates!
    Mac:Oh only $99.99…
    Linux:Heck yeah more free stuff!

    Linux>Mac>Windows=True. End of story. G'bye.

  4. Wartex8, you are a pc genius…and you cant get a clear sound on this video,!!!!!!!
    very annoying mate !

  5. I know I have windows and MACs rock because my sister has the macbook pro and it let you download certain stuff and is awesome!

  6. Damn I did what you did to clean up my C hard drive and I had 5.88 GB and my computer went al the way down to 4.79 GB Why is it going down plz answer I brought my new game and i so eager plz answer this!!!!!!!!!

  7. @xMaxTankx Hahahahaha……….. 1 year ago.. Its not bad but I would NEVER think about using it as my main OS

  8. @TkMToM1993 Learn something about linux then say it sucks. Your something who just speculates without any knowledge.

  9. @englishman1234567 You have no clue what linux can do.

  10. Mac = Restricted crap
    Windows = Good, but gets a lot of errors, and viruses because its the most common operating system.
    Linux = Used by hackers, and advanced computer users. I'm honestly tempted to make a dual boot Linux/Windows 😀 that'd be fun.

  11. Windows = slow
    MAC= Fast
    Linux = crap
    Mac can run both linux and windows applications

  12. The only reason Linux isn't the best is because you can't play games.
    Those who mess up their PCs with it just didn't RTFM. I installed tons of distros on tons of machines (+-50) and never had a problem.

  13. @englishman1234567 u r a crap. linux is better than u.

  14. Linux has better Eye candy than Windows, it's more secure, and on top of that, it's free. & you can download software to run windows programs and play games.

    oh, and it's a lot easier to manage.

  15. @kmofoshomyho You're absolutely right. I've left all this useless tweaking stuff behind me. All I know is that you need to upgrade in order to get better performance and also that no computer is perfect. It can always be upgraded and made better. 4 months ago, I would have had a different opinion but I know better now. Thanks!

  16. @mtayyab071 leave it alone man its fine as it is

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