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34 Comments on Making Music With K.K. Slider Sounds

  1. Finished piece is at 6:03 if anyone was interested x

  2. lol always come back to this one my fav vid of urs

  3. you used F# dorian

    when i listened to the finished piece, i just realized it's e major lol

    i'd really like this to be a theme on a game i like, this piece reminded me of when i played wii fit everyday lol

  4. Always loved KK Slider.

  5. Can this be a real Animal Crossing song????!!!!!! It’s so cool!!!

  6. Love K.K. Slider's new single; it's a bit more experimental compared to his older tracks, but his heart is and soul is still really in there and I can't get over this song

  7. Happy 200K!!!!!!!!

  8. Australian Samurai make good music

  9. The 'drumming' just sounds like KK is beatboxing…

  10. I imagine that KK and Isabell got married and started a family band to get this sound.

  11. 6:00 Enjoy 😀

    I didn't see any comments on where the finished result was so… i did it

  12. Chord progression kinda reminds me of Take On Me

  13. The first bit of his voice sounds like “hey ya”



  16. That was so relaxing dude, took me out of my stressful project work, very nice!

  17. i appreciate this. like a lot.

  18. I’m probably the only one who thinks this but I want him to remix splatoon music

  19. 6:02 is the song! ❤️ ???? ????

  20. Is that animal crossing on the shelf? :3

  21. That is the most authentic it can get!

  22. i was FULLY JAMMING OUT TO THIS!!! <3

  23. new KK music. You're making dreams come true

  24. Now do the Aircheck version of the song.

  25. At 1:51 it sounds like someone is knocking on his door

  26. You should make a song out the yoshi meme song

  27. Use bandlab please

  28. This is the most beautiful song I've ever heard thank you

  29. I thought the song would WeWeWeeeeeWeWeweweweEwe

  30. They should actually make this a song.

  31. This sounded sooo good!!! One of my favorites

  32. What software you use

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