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Maximize Your XP in Dragon Ball Legends

Maximize your XP gains in Dragon Ball Legends, and level up your characters as fast as possible. Take these tips and beat the competition by getting ahead in experience.
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38 Comments on Maximize Your XP in Dragon Ball Legends

  1. Bro y his guy look like where’s waldo

  2. I've got 200+ tickets but idk how to use lol

  3. I just finished the Normal Story Mode, and I moved on to hard mode. Plz don't make fun of me but i can't beat stage 1 with the saibamen my characters are only lvl 731, and mostly lvl 600 and 300 characters 🙁 someone plz help and give me tips plz

  4. also u can go to the events and at the bottom of the event page theres an exp battle and earn tons of exp

  5. More vids on the new characters building up my cards but still to weak to fight the top guys

  6. Impressive video. Thanks for the help!

  7. I finally got three of my main players to lvl 1000.

  8. Can you even get a Sparking from a Daily Single?

  9. I have played it friend me name is Maddox k.

  10. how tf do i get more training lands i can only train one character at a time

  11. Next do how to get soul items fast please

  12. So I’ve used over 8000 crystals on summoning and I really don’t get how y’all got these high star sparklings cause I’ve only gotten 3 the whole time and no dupes except for the ultra summon ticket

  13. The first day I got the game like 15 minstrel into the game I got 3 sparkling including brolly 2 times and super saipan goku I feel lucky

  14. How to upgrade level 2 ssj goku to level 3…its already 300…now i don't noe wat to do

  15. I hate when I’m on PvP and like it constantly get hit wit Ki blasts and they sum how barley recharge their ki

  16. Help me! My login bônus glitched and every time I log in I just get the other that you only get on the other day!
    And I'm really sad because I was already on the sixth day!

  17. well put, my method is basically identical! i didnt know about the details on the missions, i guess i missed it. that will probably help! ill come back if i notice a change

  18. I'm loving this game right now! Best mobile game ive played in a while

  19. There's a new way to maximize exp
    By completing the last lv on ch6 you have a chance to get what is called milk jugs
    You can stack three to power train one character or spread it across your characters
    Also doing the final mission on ch6 gives a decent amount of exp

  20. I have 4 star super Saiyan Goku… Anyone jealous!!

  21. Im stuck at level 16 and I complete the full story mode. So PVP is how I level up now? All my characters are 200+ some 300.

  22. "Train" yes, super helpful._. Thanks for pointing out the obvious

  23. How is you art in level 2 ?

  24. I play this game all the time.????

  25. Don't use your daily on weights…. crystals only! Unless you're a whale and you're gunna drop $ when you need crystals

  26. whoaa you progress by playing the game? mind blown

  27. anyone realize that vegeta looks like a hedgehog in start screen

  28. There are so much hackers in pvp…
    They hit 900 Hits When Hitting each other.

  29. How do you level up arts???

  30. I got a sparking vegeta from a single

  31. Who is better? Sparking piccolo or pihkaun?
    I pulled both of them and I want to know which one I should focus on upgrading first

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