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Microsoft Windows : How to Change the Sound Volume on a PC

Change the sound volume on a PC in Microsoft Windows by clicking on the control panel to adjust the settings in the sound, speech and audio device. Learn to change the volume on a computer with tips from a computer specialist in this free video on Microsoft Windows.

Expert: Michael Burton
Bio: Michael Burton has over 12 years of experience with PC computers.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton

13 Comments on Microsoft Windows : How to Change the Sound Volume on a PC

  1. tnx man ur the best

  2. ———is there any sound softwere that i can make my music louder on computer

  3. Depends on your Operating System, but google for volume control icon disappeared and you'll surely get a result.

  4. @educate9946
    my icon on the bottom right is gone. this usualy happends when i update and restart. do you know how to get the icon back?

  5. Or, you know, just click on the icon on the bottom right.

    How complicated could you possibly do that?

  6. At 1:15 i cant move that its like locked what should i do

  7. LMFAO! thats just awesome. you made a great point.

  8. if u cant change the sound how are you suppose to find this video ahah

  9. Cool. Good for the ones who aren't used to use computers and are new and doesn't know anything about them. 😛

  10. zzzzzzzzzz easy busy. Look forward boy.

  11. LOL this should be on fail blog.

    "you can go into your hardware"

  12. Expert village is not so much of an expert village

    amateur village should be it.

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