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MicroXP vs TinyXP vs Windows XP BENCHMARKED

In this video I compare the performance of MicroXP, TinyXP and Windows XP Professional. Which OS performs the best? Let’s find out!
Intro/Background Song: NK – Fear Me –
Benchmarking Song – Retrovision – Heroes –
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28 Comments on MicroXP vs TinyXP vs Windows XP BENCHMARKED

  1. cual inicia mas rapido amigo

  2. "We are going to compare the perfomance of MicroXp, TinyXp and Full windows xp professional" sees eXPer1ence folder on regular xp
    You know that ur full xp is some kind of TinyXP??

  3. MicroXP have one really annoying bug. If i change MB (and chipset, too), ps/2 keyboard will not respond. Normally it can be fixed using usb keybmouse to go to device manager and delete old devices, but usb also not working in MicroXP, if MB is changed. So only fresh reinstall helps.

    It'll be nice, if anyone recommends micro-win7 and other "micro" versions of newer windows.

  4. How create usb bootable of MicroXP? i tryed many times create and i get missing files at boot

  5. Ani se nesnaž vole.

  6. "eXPerience" it's a longly Legend of "MicroXP" (v0.82 was a Officialy last) – When "Less bloats" does mean a more Powerful.

  7. Ay cvolton can you help me about gd?
    How can i copy levels from rubrubs server to gdps

  8. Damn, I love your voice for some reason

  9. Cvoltóón potrebujeme ďalšie video!

  10. Wtf bro you are boss. I wanted to install that for TMUF too 😀

  11. Wait hes from Czech Republic?

  12. What happened to your channel? U are cool dude :3

  13. You áre a legend in the comunity of geometry dash : ^)

  14. Sprav prosím ako spraviť 2.11 GDPS 😀 Ak to spravíš, budem veľmi rád 🙂

  15. Hello! Are you going to update the .php files to be able to create your GDPS to version 2.11?

  16. I still have my XP computer from like 03 or 04 that I used until 2012 hahaha

  17. A to je koniec Cvoltona

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