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Minecraft Tutorial :Fully Automatic Storage System "Silent"

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New Tutorial 1.13 – 1.14 link:

“Sorting Info and Reason for Anvil”
you need the anvil to rename the dirt that will be placed in the other 4 slots in the hopper. It is optional but it creates a extra form of security for your sorting system. When…

21 Comments on Minecraft Tutorial :Fully Automatic Storage System "Silent"

  1. You lost me at the anvil part. I have no idea why you need to do that.

  2. During the last step, when I insert 41+ of an item, it doesn't go down to 41. It's just stuck, I even included items that are renamed in the hopper. I am using the hopper that is connected to the comparator. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Does this work on PS4 Edition 1.14?

  4. When I put stuff in the hopper like the 1234 named dirt blocks, the hopper immediately gets rid of the items. Is there something wrong with what I did?

  5. Does this work on pocket edition?

  6. is it possible to add more items to the sorting systems?

  7. does it still work in 1.14?

  8. Does anyone know if this works on ps4? I just spent forever mimicking this on a survival world and the end result is the items not even leaving the first hopper

  9. I have built this design in 1.14.2. Most of the items get stuck in the last hopper, before getting sorted, do you need at least 1 stack of items before it gets sorted into the chests??

  10. When the bottom chest fills up, they do not feed into the next chest they just stay in the hoppers. How can I fix this?

  11. I've never thought I would subscribe a Minecraft-Channel. Saw the Bob Ross of Minecraft-Redstone, subscribed and hit the like-button aswell.

  12. i c a n t d e a l w i t h h i s v o i c e

  13. do you know if this still works? its a lot of set up but i want to build this to replace my current warehouse ive been using in my survival world since sorting and storage is becoming somewhat of a problem

  14. You remind me of bob ross????????????????

  15. renamed the dirt blocks but they just disappear into the second or third row of hoppers even though its renamed to 1234 how do i fix?

  16. Mostly built this last night on a SMP server, and I have to say it's mesmerizing watching the lights blink on and off as it sorts your items. Thank you for this tutorial!

    I do have one question, though: let's say that I also want to use this chest for general item storage in addition to sorted stuff. Would I just extend it out further to the end but not put the filtering redstone behind the hoppers for those columns?

  17. this is actually like really nice, the redstone in it is really simple and easy, its really just the normal sorting system but with light indicating the state of the items and where they are going, and its also silent so, 9/10 i'd say

  18. 0:00 "Hello everyone, this is K1 Inc. and today we aregononcwasjwfcnso guys on a brand new storage system".

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