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Minesweeper Hack-How to win (cheat) at minesweeper

well this is what i do in my spare time when my internet is not working. It is more of a manipulation then a hack…not sure if it works on newer versions of windows or not.

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  1. Minesweeper X Hack.Mine Hack i Created the hack(reconm).Link: ( bit.l y/103n6Ua ) 1 MINE ON EXPERT DONT LEAVE SPACE ON LINK

  2. there's so many ways to do this hack! i want to download this game and do it like this: xyzzy, enter, then shift and if that doesn't work, i'll keep using many others.

  3. mine went on the left corner of my screen a lot of people said theirs had it on the right side…

  4. I''ll Go, *Clicks White* No Mine?
    Okay Let's See, *Clicks Black* Nooooo! *Plays Super Mario 64 Game Over Song*

  5. how to make trainer of that

  6. @AilicDorkela pixels are the thousands (maybe even millions) of dots that make up the display on the screen, but i don't see any pixels that turn black or white.

  7. i just came here to say, who hacks mine sweeper?

  8. thought i saw it ….then i cleaned my screen

  9. It actually worked>.< but the pixel was so damn small… ^___^

  10. @AilicDorkela Get close to your monitor,you'll see alot of tiny dots…those r pixels.

  11. @AilicDorkela in the top left corner of your screen (not the minesweeper window) you should see a small white square. it will turn black when the cursor is over a mine.

  12. …I found the tiny dot but i cant win xP

  13. @pickle4714 hours!?!?!?! O.o really!?!?!?!?! the easy level take like 12 seconds

  14. OMG! a minesweeper hack/cheat that ACTUALLY works! now i never have to spend hours solving this game again! thanks! 😀

  15. no. try for your self!

  16. I can't see the pixel in this video…
    …Unless we weren't meant to see the pixel here. o_O

  17. Do you have to hold down shift through the entire game?

  18. haha Thanks very much ) it works!)

  19. it not worked, what resolution need ? and left shift or right ? xD

  20. mmmh don't see the pixel, i think the resolution of my screen is too high

  21. deem i dont have minesweeper on my windows:( i dont Use this kinda crap windows like u minesweeper freaks who dont have nothing to do:D:D

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