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Money and XP Cheat Mods (Euro Truck Simulator 2 + American Truck Simulator)

Tutorial video on how to safely create new profiles for ETS2 and ATS with boosted money and/or XP. Required mods below.

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31 Comments on Money and XP Cheat Mods (Euro Truck Simulator 2 + American Truck Simulator)

  1. How does this work with existing profiles? I activate the money cheat, but nothing happens!

  2. Question: Is there a mod folder there already or do you make one?

    Edit: Also how do you get into 3rd person?

  3. This mods are causing ats to crash

  4. Maybe you just want to cheat.

  5. Hey Squirrell – thanks for the videos, i use to love this game until i wanted to install mods and increase maps, it is a frikkin nightmare so i have recently uninstalled it. Cant they game a game were you dont need a frikkin degree to install mods.


  7. Steam workshop has a money and XP mod which works, you have to complete a minimum of 2 quick jobs to get money and XP

  8. When you get to first job no green stamp to finish job when using these mods??

  9. I can’t find the video description section for this video on my pc. It shows up fine on my iPad.

  10. money cheat dont even work

  11. for some reason the files wont appear it just says that it cant reach them
    plz help

  12. Wooow it worked mate
    Thank you sooooo much

  13. does it have to be a new user or can it be a current user ?

  14. Does it work with 1.34?

  15. Lovely video , wish u could update another video for v1.34 .

  16. it broke my ats, wont start and when it does it crashes and basically freezes my pc

  17. I don't have a mod folder! :O

  18. the xp cheats dont work anymore, game keeps crashing

  19. Thanks alot man.Guys,it is working on latest version of ets2.

  20. it just crashes after placing mods into folder

  21. Brilliant many thanks Squirrell worked perfectly

  22. Hi scs called and they want there cheats back only for admission only

  23. Apologies for the rant against this mod. It is embarrassing to say that this is one of the most useful mods ever. Please disregard my comment from 8 months ago. I recently had a long standing profile with $180M in the bank and hundreds of thousands of XP become corrupted, rendering the profile nearly unplayable. I have since used this mod to recoup what I lost to a certain extent and all is well with the world. I had that profile since late 2013 and I really didn't want to grind because of something out of my control, so Squirrel, humblest of apologies, this mod is a lifesaver, thank you for posting it. I will link it on my channel too to help others in the same predicament.

  24. very great work !!!

  25. There's no mods folder in my ETS2 folder.. Anyone know what to do?

  26. this does not work i cant copy them and put them into my files

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