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MOPE.IO INSTANT XP GLITCH!! // Instant Level Up ( Funny Moments) Crazy XP Glitch!! Funny Moments Gameplay

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32 Comments on MOPE.IO INSTANT XP GLITCH!! // Instant Level Up ( Funny Moments)

  1. I'm Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. For some reason I thought the thumbnail was an elephant downgrading to alligator

  3. Did you ever get those ten dollars xddddd

  4. Can I get a like for getting dragon/Phoenix today for the first time?

  5. when doknky and the other animal it gained u more XP imma try that

  6. You used your ability and it hit him he was behind you

  7. the donkey got bounced by when the cobra went out of hole.

  8. i think you killed the snake and when the dunkey eat your tail the snake come and the game glitch and doubled your XP

    edit: if my english not correct i'm from brasil

  9. I went through it frame by frame, and i found that it was not just after the donkey bit you, but when the snake came out immediately you gained the extra 1.4m points, on the first frame that fesuy's name was visible, your score changed.

  10. you so rude ixplode you peace of shit

  11. 8:00 ????????????????????

  12. Plz sub to me implode is such an inspiration to me

  13. right, So I took the liberty to slow down the video and to make the quality max.
    What i saw was a T-Rex that came out, had about 2.16m xp.
    IX killed him like the boss he is.
    I also saw his name

  14. at 2:02 did you see the mole it went under for a sec and avoided the donkey like a boss

  15. It's because you killed the elephant and you didn't receive the XP right away

  16. its because the dragon came outside of the hole after you went outside and you smacked it with your trunk and ya 😛 btw your awesome 😀

  17. 4:26 cause they like to tail bite

  18. you killed a dragon look on leaderboard

  19. can you do miinecraaaaaaaaaaaff pls

  20. I know this is an extremely late comment

  21. Maybe you hit something that was in the red food thing

    I LOVE YOU (not in weird way)

  23. you are a epic clickbaiter >:v -1 subscriptor

  24. 0:45 clearly tail bite him

  25. One time I was a Killer whale & I got chased around by a Blue whale for like… 5-10 min until I had to go 😛 He was that annoying. Tryhard 😛

  26. The truck has glitched and hit the donkey too and then something random happened

  27. Bothered was a drag in there and then when you hit the trunk it taken damage from the back

  28. I hope i get kicked in the butt by a donkey and get 1.4m xp

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