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MS DOS (Command Prompt) Basics

Some MS DOS (Command Promt) Basics



24 Comments on MS DOS (Command Prompt) Basics

  1. Windows Vista User in 2009, upgrade now

  2. thanks for the content bro

  3. Wtf – too much production and little content.

  4. Whose watching this in 2018?????

  5. MS DOS and CMD are not the same, because MS DOS prompt uses its core, DOS, but CMD uses NT core. Windows 7 actually uses NT core, so it uses CMD.

  6. Plz minimise thr background music and verbal communication is missing in this video. Apart from that it helps me alot.

  7. thank u it helped me alot

  8. its so helpful to me thanks

  9. fazool lecture
    hai ye is ko lecture dena hi nahi ata likh likh k dobara rase karta hai

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  11. Thank you very much, it does help.

  12. It's so amazing and so helpful!:) Thanks! Keep it up!:)

  13. Lol you used one of the most shittiest Operating Systems ever, Windows Vista.

  14. What is the command for going from DOS back to Windows?

  15. I knew every single one of then all you did is cd and rd nearly every one know now theres a lot better people that can teach like me im realy good with MS DOS or CMD not trying to be rude but try better next time and this is not the basics this is one single type of command

  16. it is command "prompt" not command "promt"

  17. I working in Windows 10 with Administator…

  18. I hate voice narration. id rather jam out and do work.

  19. Not a tutorial as no verbal instruction

  20. USE A MICROPHONE!. 2014, not 2001

  21. You could also type:
    MD Hall, LivingRoom, WC
    MD Sofa, Tv
    REM make directory command followed by the two directories names, separated by a comma
    (to kill two birds with one stone)

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