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MS Windows in a Porsche 911 and other hacks

Some simple hacks you can do to your Porsche 911 991.2, so much useful information on the internet.

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22 Comments on MS Windows in a Porsche 911 and other hacks

  1. 3:37 you are the biggest troll i have ever seen. 😀

  2. Hi Nick, you said the 4s can be rwd when you pull the toggle in the corner of the passenger door. Is doing that make anything to the car like losing power or check engine light?

  3. 3:13 Didn't know you could convert to 2wd on a Porsche like that!

  4. It's amazing how little tui cares about what you are saying lol

  5. Is it bad for the drivetrain to decouple the front wheels with that lever? I‘ve never heard about this being even possible before

  6. Hey Nick will the 2WD mode stay in 2WD until you reset switch? If so why wouldn't you run it in 2WD all summer? May even be a fuel econ benefit. I bet there is an annoying warning light tho. Keep up the great vids!

  7. 2 questions about the RWD mode:

    1. Does it work for the 991.1 as well?
    2. Does it damage the car in any way? (hopefully not, I'm really looking forward to this)

  8. So disappointing that Porsche uses the worst OS ever developed, Windows, in the 911. YUCK.

  9. Glad they used Windows ME. Best version ever. They must be paying a fortune for a Premiere CSA for patches though.

  10. 3:37 omg I’m laughing out loud ????????????

  11. Is it still Stability Management + Auto Start/Stop + Downshift to bring up Task Manager?

  12. I think TUI is wondering: who is Nick talking to?

  13. Well, I am not sure if this vlog was a good idea in this form… Many alternative sources took the parts as a fact and spreading on the net (, referring to the name Nick Murray who shared useful 911 things up to now. Adding with the fact of that some nice guys took it serious and feel cheated with especially the AWD/FWD part.

  14. The comments are just as amusing as the video. Would be interesting to know how many people bought it and took it seriously…

  15. Does driving 2wd hurt the car in anyway? Better mpg ?

  16. reboot the PCME? Do you mean turn off the ignition and then go to Acc?

  17. Nick, it's not April 1 yet.

  18. Hi Nick, I want to upgrade my Porsche to Windows Vista, do I need to take it to the dealer or can I do it myself? I'm worried if the front oil sensors are compatible with the new version.

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