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mSATA to PATA Install SSD on Compaq M2000 with Windows XP SP3

I found this retro laptop, the Compaq Presario M2000 last year at my local scrap yard and decided: why not boost some life in this good looking hunk a beast? I show you how to install a mSATA to PATA converter harddrive into the HDD slot as well, and i install Windows XP SP3 on it. With some light hearted commentary of course.

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5 Comments on mSATA to PATA Install SSD on Compaq M2000 with Windows XP SP3

  1. i have this same hd problem with this laptop. can you provide a link to the adapter
    and hd you used ?

  2. I have one of these, the battery still holds a solid charge. I might have to fix er up just for fun!

  3. 1–??
    M2000 presario will it ? support 2gb ram.
    1gb/per slot is it possible?
    Maximum ram capacity for HP Compaq presario m2000 laptop.

    Pcl2700-25331-a0 256mb DDR pc2700 cl2.5. My default ram in m2000 laptop.

    Will this specification ram
    Pcl2700s-25330 1gb DDR pc2700 cl2.5 support for m2000 laptop?

  4. how to active trim on xp?

  5. I suspect SWAT isn't running because you're using a GOG release, which are not compatible on older versions of Windows such as XP. Try to find the original ISO. Why'd you have to destroy that Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600.. that's a nice computer btw

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