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My Home Server Demo! (And Setup Guide Windows XP)

++My Home Server Demo! (And Setup Guide)++
Today Hayden shows you his server and how he uses it with Team Viewer, he also gives you a Setup Guide on you to share files in Windows XP.

I am a 13 year old YouTube who has gotten inspiration from other people … I live in New Zealand with my mother and my brother and this is a channel where I upload stuff that happens in my life and gaming ect … enjoy this channel and subscribe if you want.

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3 Comments on My Home Server Demo! (And Setup Guide Windows XP)

  1. Ahh i recognize that modem good old Technicolor Gateway 😛 i am trying to kill mine i don't like it. when i started playing with computers / servers when i was about your age i had a P4 IBM netvista and i installed windows server 2000 on it at the time i was not doing to much advanced stuff on it but that's how i started and now i am 3 months out of school and in a full time job for a local IT company here in Wanganui.  Just out of curiosity where in nz do you live?

  2. just a reminder to all of us the beauty and simplicity of XP, it would be nice is microsoft would re-think their current chase to be apple clone…because apple do if far better and have amazing user friendly software and UI

  3. NEW VIDEO – This is my home server. There is also a tutorial on how to setup file sharing Windows XP.

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