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hey guys just an update on my subscribers..
and thanks to everyone that has subscribed =)

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  1. Lol i wanna see you get 10,000 subscribers.

  2. @burtonkidd wow that is creepy my kills treak was 2010 lol then 2222 now 4040

  3. @burtonkidd OMG u replied to me lOLL

  4. @burtonkidd omg you are a dumbass. Not your subscription box. Your fucking subscriber box. Want me to make a picture for you? Because you obviously have a brain of a 3 year old.

  5. HEY MAN CAN YOU ADD ME ON PS3 PSN:mikeownzz

  6. @knifem0nkey
    oh that hahaha
    yeah iv subbed to like 1000 plus people go see

  7. @burtonkidd Are you retarded? Go to my channel. THERE IS A BOX FOR THE SUBSCRIBERS. NOT THE SUB BOX. THE SUBSCRIBER MODULE. Dumbass. GoML scrub. srsly? goml? you are real pro.

  8. @KHUNKHUNA123
    Nice im still stuck with my 2010 kill streak.
    My dier died HAHA

  9. @knifem0nkey
    look at 0:06 "Great Youtubers"
    and anyway TRT is right, i have no time to make 4000 accounts and no time to get a bot, and anyway why would i cheat / hack when im getting paid from Youtube so STFU GTFO and GoML !!

  10. @TRTC360 There is a program out there where it makes bots sub to you. Atleast my subs are legit, bitch. Let me see his subscribers then if I am wrong I am sorry. But i doubt he got 1000 subs in 3 days.

  11. i have a 4040 killstrkreal lol

  12. LOL so why isn't there a subscriber box so we can look at your subs? oh wait yeah thats right. they are all probably fake accounts dude. prove your subs and show your box.

  13. Burton what do you use to record off Laptop or Pc?

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