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My Windows XP Box 2015 Fast & Secure

Here is my finished XP box complete with Royal theme and all the software you would expect, very safe and secure with great software compatibility especially older games & programs.

8 Comments on My Windows XP Box 2015 Fast & Secure

  1. No talking and crappy-early-nineties-enigma-type-shit music video review???!!!!
    You're fucking joking, Steve!!! hahahahaha…

  2. You must be a die-hard Windows XP fan.

  3. This is awesome………..Linux & Mac fanboys suck it up

  4. HandBrake forgot to release its bloated hand-brake. 🙂 You could do a demonstration of a working Server 2003 installation, which is basically like XP with restrictions lifted – more memory, better overseas upload speed.

  5. I have always said, that the built in Windows welcome music in XP would be perfect for a 90's porno flick.  :)

  6. Love the windows XP music
    brings back memories.

  7. good video +WindowsHelpGuy 2015 Windows XP is still the best OS out there you can't beat the classic what i always say

  8. Are you going to do any virus testing?

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