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N900 MetaSploit (N900 Hacks Windows XP)

N900 is running MetaSploit. This is a demo of the Nokia N900 running Metasploit locally on the device. Complete instructions on how to install Metasploit on your N900 can be found at:

My install of Metasploit was based on the instructions at the above web address. A different set of instructions to install can be found at the official MetaSploit website at: …

12 Comments on N900 MetaSploit (N900 Hacks Windows XP)

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  2. Linux vs Windows xD

  3. u hit the nail on its head with that song

  4. Nice work mate! get airmon and aircrack running and you'll be in business 😛 😀

  5. @101binary101 It's more of a computer, one of the apps it runs is the telephony. Attached to great quality speakers, antenna etc. True linux, not some locked up, gimped, branding exercise. Basically an iPhone with twice the memory, twice the resolution, half the battery life, and 10000x the features.

  6. Will this work on the N810

  7. hahhahah Music of the jews!

  8. omfg can u do anything similar with todays vulnerabilities? i mean anything u can do from ur computer u can do it from ur n900 using metasploit :O?

  9. Хуита какая то 🙂

  10. Shalom 😉

    Good work, now you can hack directly the related PCs when you entered a wlan with aircrack 🙂

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