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NBA 2K19 Dribbling Tips & Tutorial | How to MASTER Dribbling!

NBA 2K19 Dribbling Tips & Tutorial | How to MASTER Dribbling!

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26 Comments on NBA 2K19 Dribbling Tips & Tutorial | How to MASTER Dribbling!

  1. what's that beat in the beginning tribe called quest?

  2. Bro 2k gets me so mad, like I almost broke my tv because my player is straight dogshit, THIS NIGGA CANT SHOOT A MID RANGE, 3, OR A FLOATER. And whenever I try to do a cross this man does the ugliest shit then a spin move, it’s like he does even have anything nice in his arsenal, it’s bs cause if only I knew the controls better, I’d be going crazy. These CPU niggas are like brick fucking walls I hate that shit

  3. A REAL QUESTION : how do i play against a friend with the whole team not only 1 player that sux ass 😀 ty

  4. It still hard becuase what ever skill I do the defender is always still locked on so I always have to 3pt but I want to 2pt

  5. Bruh I wanna get better so bad but I need to learn left stick skills not right stick ????

  6. Nice tutorial. Good explanations, thank you!

  7. do you have this on PC?

  8. Love the old school instrumentals

  9. stamina and shooting power is such a joke. Not paid worthy at all

  10. Do different camera videos please

  11. does speed boosting work in nba games? (during my career mode) or only in park, practice, apartment court etc..

  12. You're a dope 2k tutor. Thanks for your help man! Subscribed!

  13. Why does he sound like the 2k insider ????from 2k12

  14. Why devin booker on cover

  15. Great video! Thanks for the help.

  16. NONE of these moves work against the CPU in 2K19! The defense is overpowered as hell in this game! #MirrorDefense

  17. 3:02 damn even kyrie cant handle his handles

  18. I gotta wonder what level you're playing on. In myplayer, I'm like 75 ball handling and I get no separation what so ever

  19. Great video thank you

  20. Damn dude, this is the simplest and most well thought out dribble video I've ever seen.

  21. Bruh thankyou, you made a great vid my man subbed.

  22. Good ass video I suck and this helped, thanks sucka

  23. 1:56 clearly an X Box nigga..????????

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