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20 Comments on Netshare for IPHONE on Windows XP

  1. Where I can get this proxy filer? Or which program is the best for this kind of stuff?

  2. dude i cant see a sheet

  3. I need help on how to tether with the iPhone 3g and my windoxs xp laptop… Please help me any1….thanks

  4. thx for the explanation! i was stuck on the proxy settings… didn't have the proxyfier software.

    Works like a charm!

  5. it was only on for 10-20 mins according to jon4lakers

  6. i followed the steps but still doesnt work. Please help. The data rates in my iphone netshare is not responding.

  7. yea apple took it down!! i heard it was up for max 10mins. its only because of AT&ts contract with apple, because their bandwidth would be destroyed and apparently they arent doing so well with their own 3g

  8. did they take it off ? i just tried searching for this app and could not find it .. is this why?

  9. I WOULD PAY for this app apple bring it back please for the love of god

  10. wooow im naked right now! v

  11. can some one please make a vid for doing this on vista

  12. This will only work on a device capable of receiving Edge or 3G. So yes, only the iphone at this time.

  13. IE proxy and safari proxy dont support SOCKS5 Proxy. Thats why you need foxyproxy with FF or socksify..

  14. Have you got foxy proxy to work. If so could you please let me know how to set it up. Thanks. I have the peer to peer network set up I cant connect to the internet tho.

  15. Thanks alot. Mine worked. However when I used NetShare it changed my ip from to some other number. I set the ip in the iPhone but it still changed it. I just updated proxifier to use the other ip and it worked perfectly.

  16. Looks like you're missing a . in between 10 and 1

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