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*NEW* Unlimited AFK XP FARMING METHOD in Fortnite Battle Royale! (Level Up Fast In Season 5)

Farm UNLIMITED XP in Fortnite Battle Royale whilst AFK!

Download Link:

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37 Comments on *NEW* Unlimited AFK XP FARMING METHOD in Fortnite Battle Royale! (Level Up Fast In Season 5)

  1. Works great thanks for the help 🙂


  3. subscribe to Pewdipie

  4. Will u get banned for this

  5. Cnet has viruses

  6. It’s not letting me go on stw I shave dons the Glitch before that and i have had it for a while be now it tried it and it didn’t work

  7. Can I pay you to make me some channel art?

  8. Save the world glitch pleaseeeeee

  9. who else liked and subed before watching the actual video????

  10. Can I get another heart because you delete the other video lol and you liked my comment on that when you deleted it it was like 30 seconds but thank you for finding glitches

  11. I have this robot and I programmed it to move down every 10 seconds so it presses a button

  12. I tried it, it doesn't work

  13. I can't understand you

  14. Can’t you just use auto run

  15. Please do an xbox version of the hack!!!

  16. Will i get banned if i use it on solos?

  17. Oi everyone in the comments no one cares if ure first its not like u get a reward or anything like literary no one cares

  18. The main man is back

  19. I sent a friend request bro????

  20. Will this get me banned on pc

  21. Can I play a game with you one time please cause you are really good at fortnite ????????

  22. Btw why’d u delete the other one

  23. ????????????????✌️????

  24. Let’s go another vid

  25. First can i have battle pass

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