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Over 35 Million Points on Subway Surfers! NO HACKS OR CHEATS!

SUBWAY SURFERS! Getting a new high score of almost 36 MILLION POINTS! Best score on Costa Rica’s Week 73 Top Run Contest!

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37 Comments on Over 35 Million Points on Subway Surfers! NO HACKS OR CHEATS!

  1. Yes yes Helllhg hrdjo hissss hhiss

  2. :/
    Windows:we need it on

  3. こんにちは、これは誰のゲームですか?

  4. Look at the points when he die

  5. Why he dont say yes instead he is saying geahs geahss has ghass aha ahh geash

  6. But ur not working Out Bud um tsh

  7. His score was that big it reached my recommended videos in 2019

  8. Look at this guy the 1# cringemaster
    Whua shuu who LOL BRUH

  9. Congratulation bro

  10. Only 4 mystery boxes? My Record is 7

  11. I got to 1.2 million

  12. He didn’t cheat but he used keys to respawn

  13. Кто русский лайк

  14. I get it I get it when u don’t eat u get all shakey and weak

  15. Why did I watch this and then watch it again to take in what I just watched.

  16. Magyar vagy? ????????

  17. Frod and fake he using apk

  18. This vid is so old I watched this vid a long tine

  19. The fact that he could have went for more, is crazy

  20. 4:09 hisses at a cat when hisses at him lol

  21. 4:19 HUNGARY FLAG!!! YOU ARE HUNGARYAN? magyar vagy?????

  22. How do you get so high???????????????????????????? end dis is you

  23. That was sooooo cool!????

  24. My new high score is 2.8 Million points

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