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Palemoon Browser Transformation: Firefox 3 in 2015?

Hello there everyone.
Do you miss the old Firefox 3 browser from back in the day? Want to take a trip down memory lane or even want to use it as your main browser again? Sick of the Australis UI (new UI in Firefox) that was recently forced upon you in Firefox 29+? Then this video is for you.
Download links:
Palemoon browser:

UPDATE 8/28/2015: A new addon has been released that does most of what you need for you. Classic Toolbar buttons and the…

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20 Comments on Palemoon Browser Transformation: Firefox 3 in 2015?

  1. how faster will run this computer win vista sp2 x64?
    pc specs:
    intel core i3 4330 3.5ghz
    8gb ram ddr3
    hdd 1tb
    nvidia gt730

  2. Hey can I ask you a question? How much RAM does Pale moon use? Because I'm thinking about moving to that browser from Chrome because I don't like what Google have been doing with that browser lately and Firefox have tried to copy Chrome too many times (especially with the new settings page they had in v38 which looks identical to Chromes) I need to know because it might be a good browser.

  3. Can you upload more often if possible? Would be awesome!

  4. Man, is it possible to transform Windows 10 to Vista?

  5. I'll be honest. I stopped using Firefox after version 4 came out. It just went down hill from there. They tried to copy Chrome too much. I can't stand this "simplification trend" that seems to have started around 2012 with Windows 8… I'll gladly use Firefox again if Mozilla brings back a way to make it look like FF3.

    Also, using Vista in 2015 is pretty brave…

  6. Nice! I didn't even know about "classic toolbar buttons" before seeing this video; that is a very powerful tool for tweaking the look of Pale Moon. Good find.

  7. nice video
    i'm using firefox btw.
    can you transform windows 10 RTM to windows vista btw?

  8. I'm using Pale Moon with Firefox 28 on the side. Screw Australis.

  9. How to enable "Dream Scene" in Vista Ultimate SP2 x64 ?

  10. Firefox stopped working on my PC so I can't. :(

  11. Dude , do you know how to fix superfetch on windows vista?Because it rapes my hard drive when its turned on!!!

  12. Cool job with the Firefox 3 add-on!

  13. Nicely done. Firefox 3 was undoubtedly the best. Ironically the 1st non IE browser I ever used back in the day too 🙂
    Use this Persona theme though if you use the bookmarks toolbar without the overlay color. I notice it and tabs kinda overlap. Tabs remain styled either way. Either suffice varying on preference. Just if you don't use bookmarks bar, use one shown in video:
    Also Old Addon Manager is kinda broke on this browser now. Try the fork Aviary Addon Manager instead. Persona Switcher is a great extension to bypass manually going into about:config to make the Lightweight theme switch with full theme in place.
    End result: &

  14. Wow, great 🙂 This does also work on the newest version of Firefox using Classic Theme Restorer.. It looks like shit on Windows 10 though. (Running on my test pc)

  15. What's a Palemoon Firefox browser anyway?

  16. Cool! Next, I'd like a windows 10 to 95 transformation. I like 95's simple colors over windows 10, so I'm giving you a challenge. You must change the icons into their 16-color 1995 counterparts, and modify the OS to look and feel like windows 95.

  17. Nice video. I personally use opera. I really like opera's start page better than Firefox and chrome. But this transformation was really cool. Brings back so many memories. I remember the first time I used Firefox. It was on Windows XP.  I think I was using it to watch a video of how to be safe on the internet and never go to bad places. I was pretty young then. Y'know,That sort of stuff. Anyway, great video as always. I can't wait to watch the tutorial of how to Transform Windows 7 to Vista. My Windows 7 laptop could do with a makeover. Also, I recently put up a video of transforming Windows 10 into Windows 7. The Vista transformation I tried did not change the taskbar for some reason. So I went with 7 instead.

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