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[PATCHED] EverWing 2017 Hack – Max Coins, Trophies and XP

This is and updated version of my previous video regarding xp, coin, trophies hack. With this trick you will be able to change any values in this game: XP, coins, trophies, your player levels, dragon levels and so on, you just need to find the correct value and follow the procedure shown in this video. Have fun!

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38 Comments on [PATCHED] EverWing 2017 Hack – Max Coins, Trophies and XP

  1. Updated cheats are here -> or check my newest videos on the channel 🙂

  2. May Filipino version nito!!!

  3. Stil working in 10/23/17?

  4. this is actually not patched even though there is no browser-mobile.js

  5. đ m ngu vc phải ghi làm gì để ra file browser chứ đ m éo ra cứ chỉ chỉ cc

  6. Do this hack still works?

  7. is this still works >?

  8. cant find anymore i think they changed it.

  9. Doesnt work anymore..theyve patched it ☹

  10. 8-2-17 Still Working

  11. i'm on my damn phone and i can't see the fucking key. fuck. just fuck.

  12. in firefox no sources

  13. huhu its not working for me i dont know,.. its always show NATIVE = false when i press pretty print huhu

  14. WTH thats not an easy hack cause you need to get like 1k to have the cheat WTH

  15. bro why i cant change the numbers like the coins when i press enter it didnt change please help

  16. thx bro thx thx bro

  17. mine has no value why

  18. what if i don't have a scope ? what will i do to change the amount of my coins and tophies? pleasee

  19. Still working! 7/23/17

  20. SUPERDUPER THANKS MAN! STILL WORKING 7/22/2017 Got yourself a new sub ! 😀 keep it up

  21. What's the resume button I don't have that in Firefox

  22. i dont have the same options like u have (memory, elements, sources etc) all i get is inspector, console, debugger etc

    help me pls

  23. wow ! it worked! thanks

  24. Hello everyone it is finally possible !!! You can also generate coin and trophies

  25. what is the code for xp please

  26. still works 7/17/2017 here to make it easier
    coins max=999999

    trophies max=99999

    xp max=9999999

  27. what im going to search plss answer

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