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[ Patched ] ‘Hacking’ EverWing with Chrome / Firefox

Here is something simple one can do to give themselves lots of money. Repeating / following advice is done at your own risk.


1 | Fire up browser that supports network monitoring (Chrome/FF)
2 | Sign into Facebook or the lesser-known
3 | Open EverWing
4 | Open Developer Tools & Switch it to Network
5 | Type “/purchase” in the filter
6 | Deliberately fail, or play. As long as the game ends
7 | A request would have popped up, right click it and press open in…

22 Comments on [ Patched ] ‘Hacking’ EverWing with Chrome / Firefox

  1. This method was patched; refer to this video instead:

  2. this guy dint know how to hack wtf..

  3. lies i followed evething but it didnt work

  4. its possible to hack Hero Zero?


  6. How can i patch it? can you pls send me the link?

  7. Yeah,i have done that '/purchase'' step carefully,then i play game and die,but no url is showing!!!!!!!???
    Can you explain that?

  8. So this no longer works?

  9. Nothing comes up after i die …

  10. This doesnt work anymore does it?

  11. Nothing comes up for me when I die…

  12. Doesn't work any more.

  13. how about a score hack?

  14. hi, I only get 1000 coins:((

  15. Bro, can you help me hack messenger basketball from the computer?

  16. i dont get the last part, what do you have to do next if you're done with the numbers?

  17. hi, i looked at ur easier version of the vid, but i still dont get the coins after following the steps. Chrome says {"message": "Invalid argument: coin", "error": true}. What do i do? Did i do something wrong?

  18. I change the Coin= and the XP but when i open game again there are no changes

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