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play old games on win xp

simplified version given below:

the link for dosbox

if the game runs slowly in dosbox then try if it works in xp without dosbox

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29 Comments on play old games on win xp

  1. The game I am trying to play is from 1980

  2. This doesn't work if your game is really old and if your computer is a 64-bit system.
    I know, I tried this method and it didn't work.

  3. i typed C:>CD NAME OF YOUR GAME then i typed the actual name of my game but it was more than 8 characters long and then it told me to type cd NAME~1 i did that but it said Unable to change to NAME~1 idont know wat to do can u plz help

  4. CMD promt does not use tools to emulate old games. DOSBOX does.

  5. sure, you can. Worked for me.

  6. and can i save the game?

  7. ok :)) my first time with DOSbox .. i understand all exept .. type the name of your game ?? explain please ..? (the all command you put in cmd. thx

  8. Doesn't work for shadow warrior 🙁

  9. hi i followed your video to the t.
    my game saids it needs windows 2 run it.
    the game is 3d nightmares.

  10. i have a game built for window 95 and 98 and compatibility mode isnt working
    will this help?

  11. thanks for fucking waisting my time this doesnt work

  12. dosbox need glide wrapper than its would be the best tool ever..

  13. Thinking about doing this. Want to play Harvester 1996. Not sure tho. Seems like it mite be a real pain. Dont want to risk killing my computer either. Heard you could crash playing the game too.???? ? ?

  14. Can you tell me why my TES:daggerfall game asks for a disk? My TES:Arena asks the same thing when i try to install it

  15. there is a space after type…. ensure you give a space between type and your windows….. and also after typin the letter for your windows…. put a : symbol….. 🙂

  16. now that is indeed a nice question…. answer is…. the same procedure applies for vista also…. 🙂

  17. you are welcome….. just rate the video high

  18. thankyou! that was for help! 😀

  19. if it is running in full screen hold ALT and press ENTER that will bring you to a shorter window…..

  20. How do you make dosbox run in a window ?

  21. All DosBox does is say "NO DPMI!" at you. Blows a hole in your little ad there.

  22. mount game is easy.
    if your game is in "C:blabla"
    just type in dosbox "mount c C:blabla" like this.
    and then type c: to move to your game folder.
    then type game`s file name.
    if you forgot? type "dir" to find that file.

  23. wat i suggest is you send the link of the game through a comment to this vid so i can try it out and tell you how to save…

  24. hey wats is a illegal command

  25. it mounts all by itself or go through the video again.

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