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13 Comments on PUBG Xbox : Sniper Guide! (Sniping Tips and Tricks)

  1. Great vid dude maybe we could play sometime if u want haha I'm not that good but with ur tips ill get better I know it

  2. Hey, do a video on "What all the screen info means"? Like the little man running in red on the right along
    with the time? Or how the "lungs" picture acts in water or running? What do they all mean ^ how does
    taking energy drinks / pain meds change this? I still don't know what all this stuff means to my game

  3. Hey T~Hugsss, I'm trying to respond to my posts but there're gone?? I've lost a bunch & I didn't delete
    them. I lost more than this one…lot more & I got no idea why? Miramar IS a Sniper's Map. I just learned
    how to "Hold my Breath"…. But it's not in my "muscle memory" yet since I only just tried it. I bet it'll help
    me shoot better when aiming? Keep on w/ the good videos…

  4. Love your youtube c! Got a new sub. Your gonna go to th top i jus feel it in your voice

  5. Nice vid man! I’m just confused on how to stay in the scope

  6. Good quality video ;p have a bless weekend!
    I slapped that liked button 🙂

  7. Dude you suck. Hah I'm just joking bro nice video and thanks for the tips!!

  8. How do you remain in the scope after you've shot?

  9. Bro quality video again!

  10. wait ALL of the tips and tricks?

  11. awesome tip! cheers mate!

  12. Snip dip tips. The body mold one is key. Nice video!!

  13. Aha cheers T-Hugsss your the best. Thanks for doing the vid!

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