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12 Comments on Quick look and Review Windows 10 Build 18290 19H1 Fast Ring November 28th 2018

  1. The last built used to restart my laptop randomly, this ones going strong 2 days in

  2. Those black icons are hideous and ugly. Just a lazy ass job. All they did was inverted it from white.

  3. I can't add my gmail to mail app and people app what can I do

  4. Link for download those wallpapers.??

  5. my install started yesterday at 1:30 or so.maybe 2:30 at the latest.finished around 7 pm last night. this is getting ridiculous..

  6. Updated perfect all bugs fixed but explorer is showing date incorectly

  7. Haven't got to the new build yet Gilles, will probably set it going tonight. Thanks for the video mate ????????????

  8. please place your system specs here

  9. I have a new laptop, is it safe to install this build on my personal computer?

  10. on mine, it did not update right.. then bit latter it said, .. "Retry" so .. I clicked it and then a little latter got the Black/ Gray screen … 0opsyie's….????

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