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Radeon R9 295 X2 Reviewed, Windows XP is dead, Heartbleed bug – Netlinked Daily

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AMD’s Radeon R9 295 X2 is officially announced; Windows XP loses Microsoft support; The Heartbleed Bug is revealed – a dangerous OpenSSL virus.


20 Comments on Radeon R9 295 X2 Reviewed, Windows XP is dead, Heartbleed bug – Netlinked Daily

  1. There's nothing wrong with xp

  2. ITSNOOSE nice. still have i computer with xp and alass it is not capable to run windows 7 so stuck with xp

  3. Updates haha! I have Windows 7 and I haven't installed updates in probably more than 3-5 months! :D


  5. I still use XP but only for offline use. Mainly for music production and game emulation.

  6. Windows XP is not dead, I am using it right now.

  7. i prefer windows 8.1 pro…. and windows 7 washes (slang for destroys) xp….. but xp is sure as hell the best windows OS when it comes to amount of resources needed, also it destroyed previos OS's with its awesomeness…. people wh ostill use it shouldnt care about microsoft not supporting it…. also i dont like the new amd card, it makes me forget my stong love for the 7990 which i am betrothed to, also that intro ws so fucking corny xD

  8. xp was the last operating system that sucked.. thanks to vista win 7 win 8 crashes all the time  fuck windows btw linus was better glad he left this shitty company

  9. Use XP on all my VMs because it is the single most powerful windows OS which needs minimal system hardware and it is the best OS we have ever seen. Lot of people use XP for daily work and it doesn't have errors. Bugs can be always fixed. No one cares about system security. All u need is a good antivirus and a firewall. You will be safe forever

    SSL ?? We don't care. Server updates are all done. Why worry ?? 

  10. It's not dead, it's retired!

  11. Windows XP will always live on in our hearts!

  12. Hahaha, I still use XP on my laptop and will continue to till it dies. I've had the damn thing for 5 years and I've never used updates. So Micro$oft ending support for it doesn't mean shit to me.

    Also, my brothers still use XP on their computers too. I asked them if they were upgrading to 7 cause XP was dying and they laughed at me.

  13. heartbleed is not a virus its a bug!

  14. Schools always use windows XP still

  15. You ripped off, Ed, Edd, and Eddy……

  16. My school and teachers are still using XP and it sucks.

  17. There's nothing wrong with Windows 7. Just let go of XP already. 

  18. Is it really possible for security bugs to still be in XP? It's like 10 years old.

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