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Razer Green Theme For Windows 7 by TheBull

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Windows 7 theme Razer Green
Theme Designer is TheBull:

Download theme here:

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45 Comments on Razer Green Theme For Windows 7 by TheBull

  1. how to patch it show

  2. If you restart or shutdown your system, the full glass will be Uninstalled. To prevent this problem, click on Start>All Programs and then right click on the Startup folder. Then, choose open from the menu. Simply drop the Full glass theme into this folder and restart your computer. Full glass should now load at Windows boot up.

  3. i have win 8.1 does it work!!!!!!!!

  4. Good job showing us how to install this great theme.

  5. @PoweredByOstX I can't find the Rocketdock Skin Folder in Local Disk. Please help, Ty.

  6. how to change icon time cpl , plisssssssssssssssssssssss

  7. I have installed the fonts and the i restarted the PC.
    Infinite shutting down display.
    After booting i had a blue screen.
    Restarted with safe mode works fine.
    Restarted with last known good configuration, logged in, but no realtek cable network connection, just wireless.
    Troubleshoot – nothing.
    Checked device manager, network adaptor not working.
    Installed driver for the adapter, still nothing
    Reset ip, winsock, ipconfig /release, /renew, flushdns… still nothing.
    Then I made a system restore to a previous point and that FINALLY solved the issue.

    So, it's a virus or what?

  8. how do i uninstall it???

  9. man pls help where's the "SEARCH BAR" ?? after i installed theme the search bar is gone? how to fix this??

  10. your video suck and de thema noob

  11. I installed that theme few months ago and when I uninstalled it I can't change the admin profile picture can you help me?

  12. When ever I Turn Off My Computer The Glass theme is Disappear I have to do Again Why this Any Solution ?

  13. very good thks

  14. it's working.Great theme.Thank you for sharing

  15. when i use microsft word the page becomes dark , plz help

  16. what about the icons sir?

  17. it's good thanks for the video but i have razer blue :pp it's so cool

  18. i have white folder, how instal this shet help mee..


  20. Alien ware theme is better

  21. Brate ovaj TaskBar mi se nece promeni moze help molim te 😀

  22. I don't see the Rocketdock folder in C:/ProgramFiles

  23. Where is the ROCKETDOCK FOLDER??? HMMM !!!

  24. Jeli ovo moze nastetiti mom laptopu ? Ili ima nekih posljedica ?
    Objasni molim te 😀

  25. can I use this on windows 10? Do I need to use Universal Patcher stuff?

  26. great guide and godly looking theme! good work man, you deserve a sub!

  27. can i open search in the start menu?

  28. Thank you 🙂 nice tutorial

  29. help me it wont work for me i search many video about is piss of shit and is sitll wont work and wtf???!!?

  30. amazing thank you so much

  31. fucking file is fucking broken spent me 5 hours and nothing fucks sake, there is no file where extract the thing

  32. where is the rocketdock folder??

  33. The skin of folders weren`t changed
    how can i fix it?
    help me plz)

  34. не все шрифты отображаются. помогите. при выборе изображения для копирования, нет надписей одни кубики.

  35. oh wait it was still in a zip format lol

  36. when i right click install doesn't come up.. why?

  37. does anyone know a good windows blindes razer theme

  38. my f*ckung computer has been crashed you little *********!!!!!!!!1

  39. MY COMPUTER GOT A VIRUS. T_T Why??? **

  40. please hep i cant patch my window !!

  41. can't download, the site is loading slow and sends errors

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