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Red Dead Online – How to Get GOLD NUGGETS Without Treasure Map & Rank Up Fast

Red Dead Redemption 2 online how to get gold & how to rank up fast in Red Dead Online.


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27 Comments on Red Dead Online – How to Get GOLD NUGGETS Without Treasure Map & Rank Up Fast

  1. So all herbs are flowers now?

  2. Just pick 100 flowers

  3. "Herbs are just flowers guys" Mind blown ????????????

  4. i did reset did 100 again and got shit

  5. How to get gold nigas!

  6. how did he get his ingame character to talk about the gameplay? ????

  7. “Gold niggas”

  8. i lol'd more than i should man, the boy sounds disappointed.. he expect more XP and more gold and something REALLY super awesome BUT booom! 0.05 gold!! expected rank up fast but also disappointed.
    get ur shit together m8

  9. How can ya sell that gold

  10. What's the best gold nugget rewarding challenge

  11. FRIENDLY TIP: DIABLO'S RIDGE just ran into it and it's packed especially with Rams Head in about five to like 6 to 8 other plans

  12. Bro where did you find everything to pic at I've been looking everywhere for carrots and ginsing for my horse and everything else..can you please make a video or better yet can I add you and can you show me? I'll donate to your channel hommie

  13. even though its not a lot of gold I never knew you could reset them so good job dude and ty

  14. Hey brother could you sell tonic, Brandy etc. to the doctor.

  15. Hunting and resetting the hunting buckle is easier

  16. I subscribed this was very useful sir I have so many gold belt buckles

  17. This man must be from lou anna. Miss ippi or al bama

  18. Im not impeaching trump… fuck off youjewbe

  19. 20 mins on pvp and u get that amount of nuggets and xp and u dont get griefed or have to travel , eat and shit meanwhile 😀 , i do hunting and pvp for income , found out u can take a boat , i can coast somewhere far from ppl and fish with perma lake lures 😀 that i havent tried yet but pretty soon i ll 😀

  20. Ugh you sell your plants to who and where?

  21. Would reloading freeroam reset the flowers?

  22. what can you buy with the golden nuggets? or what can you do with it?

  23. I have a question. I ssee that your progress is a 100% but im stuck at 75 % and theres no new mission anywhere. Do you know how to get them?

  24. Who wants to pick flowers all day on the game tho.

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