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Reducing Sound Card Latency for All Audio Interfaces

Latency sucks! Here are some tips on getting it as low as possible with your audio rig.

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36 Comments on Reducing Sound Card Latency for All Audio Interfaces

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  2. Thank you kindly for this video and information. I am new to PC recording and usually use a hardware desktop multi track for my recording, however lately I have tried PC recording and experience extreme lag between the time I hit my keys on my Alesis VI49 controller keyboard, and the time I hear it played back on my PC. I read every article on buffer size, sample rates, etc and I can not get rid of this lag. I am using Ableton Live 10 so I understand that might be a cause too. Will a professional audio interface help me? Or is it only something that will help for AUDIO recording which I am not interested in. I only want to use midi chord progressions and chord packs within a DAW to get an idea of what my song will sound like as I compose, and then I plan to play the material on one of my many Midi workstations and record the final on a Tascam DP32SD multi track. PC recording is driving me NUTS! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Good tips —— Reaper —- yes yes

  4. Finally some love for Reaper! you earned a like my man!

  5. I have the worst audio problem imaginable, ALL of my sound going trough my USB sound card is DELAYED by a good 2 seconds. And i have no idea what's causing it as sometimes for no good reason it either fixes itself or i can SOMETIMES fix it by passing my sound trough my screen speakers, disabling the speakers, then re-enabling them, just sometimes when i'm lucky it fixes the lag completely until i restart my pc.
    I have been searching for a solution to this for a week now and it seems like no one ever has had that problem and no one knows how to fix it… It's driving me insane

  6. We STILL doing with latency in 2019…

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  8. Reaper is amazing for low pc usage! I use it to master my tracks I produce in Ableton

  9. Hey brother thanks for the info. I’m having kind of a specific problem with latency. I’m using Reaper on a Mac and I have a universal audio interface. The only time I have a latency issue is when I’m using maschine as a plug-in inside of Reaper. More specifically my controller lags. Not much but just enough to throw everything off. I know there has to be a setting that I missing somewhere any tips for me? Thanks in a Vance for any help you can give

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  11. Does it matter what buffer size you set when you use zero monitoring on the DAW? I measured the same offset on every buffer size when looping the input to the output on the DAW.

  12. nice video!  very helpful to me today!  thanks

  13. When I monitor and insert different effects, latency appears automatically. When I turn off the effects, the latency is gone.

  14. I got choppy sound from my external sound board. But the problem appears only on my pc. Internal sound card works perfectly but I get choppy sound from my external board. On other computers the board works perfectly. It worked well for a year so a computer component might not working well. I though it was the mothebroard so I changed and the problem still persist. Any ideas ??

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  16. I cant get my asio drivers to work. I have roland quad capture and for some reason when i switch to asio i get a wall of noise in reaper and level is maxed in a constant stream. I switch to waveform and no issues beside the godawful latency issue. Ive got windows 7 and reinstalled driver but no go. What should i do?

  17. bias fx and recording in reaper with my roland edirol ua-25, I have the slightest bit of latency like a couple of milliseconds as if it just doesn't have enough attack, I know my strings are fine, and my bias fx sounds Goodnestone is annoying when playing playing through bias fx and it's slightly out also when I play a certain speed injustice bias fx the sound breaks up a bit, any advice is appreciated

  18. It's 2017 and we're still dealing with this shit. That said, I have a 1999 Terratec EWS 88 MT (on Win 7 64bit) down to 2.9/1.4 ms at 64 samples buffer. Downside is it's usable with just a few tracks. When the project gets bigger, these setting are unusable (clicks, pops etc.)

  19. I have a serious latency problem with Sony Acid Pro 9 and my Alesis guitar-USB chord, even when playing to a track and I strum the guitar the signal doesn't play back until like 500ms later. Even when recording I need to set the lag compensator in the Acid Pro menu to around +110ms / +210ms, but the problem is the latency amount keeps changing depending on the complexity of the song, any tips?

  20. Also low DPC depend on other drivers and devices connected and chipset type.

  21. Does fast processor helps in overcoming in latency?like 2.50 Ghz or more.

  22. I've had an ongoing issue with Cubase 5, using a MOTU 828 MKII and ADIO4all – the latest driver, but still find my ASIO overload going into the red – especially when I'm using Addictive Drums. I will literally have a single MIDI track with the output going to Addictive Drums 2 and it's noisy and in the red. I've messed with the buffers, etc. but still the problem persists and I'm wondering if it's time to just move on to Studio One or something. I hate to give up on all of the great VIs from Native Instruments but it's just not working. Would switching to a different DAW likely be better than Cubase at this point?

  23. Hey I have an M-audio interface, M-audio nova mike and I'm using a Mac book pro. When I Sing into my mic and its recorded into Ableton it sounds fine in the M-Audio earphones (I bought the M-Audio Vocal Studio Pro II). However, when I play it from my computer speakers its a pitch lower. I tried to change the ct in the sample, transpose the sample, so much. I'm desperate please I need help 😥 . I've literally been editing for 10 days when all it takes for me to record my piano, voice, and midi beat (alesis v25) a few hours.

  24. This works for the speakers. What I cant seem to solve is the delay between my Speaker output which is ZERO and the headphones output which is about 150-200ms later than the speakers. I have same software as you. Thinking about changing my sound card because it's not professional.. I use my headphones to NOT record the music I am playing to on my acoustic guitar. Do this is impossible with current hardware, which is a shame because I had it working alright. When I start Windows 7 the delay becomes worse so I think this is a mess up from Windows (10) for no good reason, because if I had audio FEEDBACK problem I would have solved it by turning down the volume.. or reducing Gain from the MIC. Hey but thanks..

  25. DAWs that just suck…. Ableton Live. They have closed my question on their answer board asking why there is always Latency no matter what.

  26. What's the cheapest way to go

  27. Will a creative sound blaster z fix my latnecy from my midi keybourd ?

  28. so this is a fuckin' commrcial after all???

  29. I hear crackling noises in Cubase while recording midi. Is that because of a low buffer size? It is set to 256.

  30. seriously dont bother with pc buy a dedicated hardware recorder like a tascam
    you can spend all the money you want trying to buy firewire and all the garbadge add ons for pc but it will still be there ready to crash

  31. thank you for sharing the information, I have a question, I'm using Phonic Helix 24 firewire with Propellerhead Reason 8.3 and am having a problem with latency when I add a new live track. Am I understanding correctly that buffering should be turned up for initial live instrument recording but down when I lay an additional track???

  32. Finally a video that doesn't just say reduce your buffer size. I was like NOOOO! there must be another way.

    Edit: I do realise it's an old video but that's not what I meant.

  33. Im new to all of the home studio stuff so heres my problem. Im using a 2 channel Mackie Onyx Blackjack interface in REAPER and I'm having latency probs. I have a Mac Book pro (2013 8gb RAM) with hardly any thing on the hard drive. when i get everything set up in REAPER i get mad delays and even pitch changes from my mic. Everything goes down 1 half step. I don't quite understand "Buffering" so I'm open to all suggestions at this point. 

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