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Replacing Windows XP with Windows 98

In response to a question that was asked of me recently on here, I will show you how to switch from Windows XP to Windows 98 Second Edition. Please note that this video is extremely long so make sure you have a fresh cup of tea before sitting down to watch.

That said please do enjoy this video.

12 Comments on Replacing Windows XP with Windows 98

  1. this i find intresting, i have a laptop that is identiacl to the armada m300 but its a generic notebook pc with the name just being NOTEBOOK

  2. Holy fuck man get to the god damn point. Ramble ramble ramble ramble

  3. watching this video in 2017 he had or still has the same desk as me lol but helpful tutorial thanks jay

  4. If you are installing this at 1:07:36 after typing windowsoptionscabs the screen will then say: C:WINDOWSOPTIONSCABS you have to type setup.exe then press enter.Hoped this helped

  5. format c: /s on mine says invalid specification

  6. what does he say at 51:52

  7. Windowns 98 Noob

  8. where can i have a download for windows 98se with free key 

  9. What is intro song?

  10. I'm sorry, but the video was not watchable and mildly enjoy them, because the camera is moved back together.
    No one would have been easier windows xp installation disc to format your hard drive, if after a dos navigator you can easily transfer and copy the folder from windows 98 to start the installation? Can say that it would not hurt even a DOS formatting …
    fdisc of course you had no xp disk but only a dos navigator might have been.
    In any case, the video would be good if you do not (have forgiveness) in quotes is a crazy child had played with the camera while recording.

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