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19 Comments on Reset Password Windows XP/Vista/7 by Hiren’s BootCD

  1. How To Change Computer Administrator Password – All Windows Version

  2. >> Reset Windows8 and All Windows Version Password! 100% working<<

  3. >> Reset Windows8 and All Windows Version Password! 100% working <<

  4. >New reset Windows password in a matter of few minutes with a password reset USB or CD is possible and everyone can do it>

  5. >>> Windows Password Reset in 3 Easy and Simple Steps In Less Than 5 minutes Dont Loose any Data NOW….

  6. > Reset or Hack Password Windows XP, Vista and 7 by Hiren's BootCD Offline NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Password Changer

  7. parabens, uma feramenta que tenho mas não sabia para que servia, muito bom video vlw mesmo

  8. saved me from tossing my daughter's laptop in the trash, thanks alot!

  9. when i finally get in the boot every thing was ok except that i found the
    DEBUG PATH : windows not found
    Can i get a help?

  10. Muito bom Funfou legal. Obrigado.

    1- Selecionar a partição
    2- Enter ate opção password reset
    3- password reset
    4- editar usando data passord…
    5- Selecionar usuário = 0x+rid ou nome do usuário desejado
    6- clear back user = 01
    7- !
    8- q
    9- y
    10- n
    11- reboot

  11. it works!, thank u, very useful

  12. just a little advice, slow down a bit to kinda let people see the choices and what you are choosing from list.

  13. thanks for this, and the same steps goes for windows 7?

  14. Thx Thx Thx!!!!! That helped me alot.

  15. @Wilfredo67416 My only testimonial for all Windows owner to get back into their windows desktop is by utilizing ResetPasswordPro . COM. In my judgement it's the best Windows password recovery disk in the earth. Like if you agree also.

  16. Thanks worked like a charm. Windows 7

  17. any way to see what the password was?

  18. Its a good tool…..

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