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Reverse Engineering (Convert trial version software to full version)

The simple meaning of term “Reverse Engineering” is to create something new from Existing Thing..

In computer language or in software language we can say to open the software, understand the code and to modify it with our requirements and create something from existing software…called Software Reverse Engineering…

Here I have demonstrate how to find a Serial Key using Software Debugging Tool called “ollydbg”

Hope you will like it…

If you have any doubt or query, you can contact me…

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21 Comments on Reverse Engineering (Convert trial version software to full version)

  1. Wow a year since I commented. I still can't get things to work! Take Nik plugins for example. This tutorial is pointless. Tutorials always use the easiest examples!

    Makes you wonder where the uploader is these days.

  2. plz can u work on luke typing pro softwere plz…plz..

  3. heloo….can any one be able to reverse signmaster expert v4 please!!!!!
    You can email me a crack or patch of that software.

  4. I wonder what the language was for that software that he was debugging?

  5. Can we do this with Microsoft office ?? Plz reply asap

  6. how to crack a hardware licensed software…?

    or can we extend the trial time of software never end..?

    The link of the program I want to crack is "OptiSystem"

  7. I tried searching for referenced text strings but it tells me unable to read memory of debugged process

  8. Thank you for sharing this tutorial – do send me an email if you are able to help on a freelance development project. I can use your skills -email to

  9. can someone please tell me how to crack fl studio

  10. I don't find registration error in ytd6 (

  11. how bro? can u help me to crack enscape 3d plugin for sketchup?

  12. Can you hack tableau.. i m not able to do that.. thank u for the support

  13. Please help me

  14. Hy.. i wanna ur helf if u cn

  15. For education purpose

  16. How to convert spss package trail version to unlimited time

  17. Go to google search Vanskeys to get 100% genuine product key.

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