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SUB and LIKE the video! In this video I talk about everyone saying RIP Fortnite and the opinions around the season 5 meta which includes a lot of weapons that can spray and I talk about the latest patch changes epic games added to try and balance the meta better, SUBSCRIBE for MORE Fortnite Videos!

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34 Comments on RIP FORTNITE…

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  2. Either season 2-3 or late season 4

  3. Fuck Fortnite, lame meta, port a fortress etc. smh… I have buyers remorse now. Wish I could sell my skins..

  4. I used to play this game 12 hours a day and I've loved it so much now I play for 5 hours and I get sick of it getting sprayed down with people with aim assist you have no chance at all this game is Dead fuck fortnite

  5. Rip fortnite cause of Black ops 4 blackout

  6. I play on Xbox One my Gamertag is MinecraftDomina

  7. How about instead of helping people who suck at this game by adding M1 + W guns such as the p90 and the drum gun– why not add a practice range. You can set a # of bots and the difficulty. So people can get a grip on the game w/o resolving to the spray meta.

  8. Fortnite seasons
    Season 1 : Cool, introduced item shop and many cool items. bloom was insane
    Season 2: Introduced battle pass. Had the best skins , item shop wise and battle pass wise . The best season by far
    Season 3: Was ok
    Season 4: Had the worst battle pass skins and start of building and shotgun nerfs
    Season 5: By far the worst meta , terrible skins, shitty LTMs

  9. the shotgun meta was my favourite!

  10. 20 days later its even worse

  11. headsoht my ass i be hitting headshot for 7 damage like wtf epic

  12. The heavy is nerfed.????????????

  13. i play on PC

    hope i win

  14. i loved s1 and s2 because everyone was shit at the game, and people played it for fun back then, not like now where everyone is just a tryhard

  15. I think that a simple fix to all of this is have SMGs have quick degrading accuracy. I'm talking LMG but worse. After about 5 shots, they should have lost 99% of their accuracy.

  16. Im on mobile and im subed

  17. I've played and been a fan since early season 2 and like how they're consistently changing the game with new items, places and meta it keeps it fresh and makes you have to change your game play style. I think they're on the right track but at the end of the day you cant keep everyone happy so they're probably gonna lose butthurt fans who dont like the game any more but they're always gonna be growing

  18. V-Bucks codes aren't real lol. Maybe he's talking about gift cards

  19. It's not dieing its growing

  20. I play on Xbox one

  21. Honestly it’s so aggravating seeing noobs just spraying smgs and killing you. I understand Epic is trying to make the game easier for new comers but come on. The spray meta is the absolute worst and I miss the skilled days????????

  22. Xbox one Name Phoenixkiller27

  23. the gaming audio sync is shitty

  24. I play PS4! Thanks dude I love your channel!

  25. some of the best players in fortnite dont stream

  26. Us a Xbox PeacefulAnt5157

  27. the best meta was the second dubble pump,the 1rst was op and the second one had pull out time to make
    it less faster

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