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*SECRET* BEST WEAPON FOR PVP ONLINE in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online! Top Weapon Tips RDR2 Online!

Welcome to *SECRET* BEST WEAPON FOR PVP in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online! Top Weapon Tips RDR2 Online! Gameplay Guide!

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47 Comments on *SECRET* BEST WEAPON FOR PVP ONLINE in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online! Top Weapon Tips RDR2 Online!

  1. What weapon have you guys been using for PVP? And whats your thoughts on Online?

  2. A bit late, no ??? Already 500 videos about the Varmint

  3. Try doing this with free-aim lol gg

  4. Actual children crying in the chat because they don't want their crutch to be changed. Fuck sake.

  5. Nice you destroy the pvp

  6. What even makes these weapons secret? your title and thumbnail is misleading

  7. I've been using this since first day, knew people would catch on

  8. I tried it and it works well, but if you don’t get that headshot your gonna get cracked in the head with a damn pump or something like that. Lancaster repeater is my favorite in my opinion or bolt action.

  9. Wich is the best shotgun for PvP?

  10. You're cheesy of you use this gun. And chances are I still wreck you with my Machete. Haha

  11. i use the lancaster repeater and pump action shotgun

  12. its no secret, atleast not anymore

  13. I've been owning ppl with the bolt action rifle. But cocking it fucks me up so im deff gonna try the varmit rifle


  15. You can’t beat me with no bitch ass Varmint rifle

  16. Guess what now everyone is using it and it's stupid, the gun used to be good but now everyone is using it noobs tryhards the whole lot

  17. Don't matter what you use with auto aim aha, at that point ppl look for range and reload go to is always the Scholfield 🙂

  18. Why is the other guy tryna sound like hanlinz

  19. Damn looks like its gonna get a nerf so I've got to use a shitty repeater again, thanks for letting rockstar know dude

  20. Schofield works great

  21. It really shouldent be op at all

  22. This thing's auto aim is gonna get nerfed so fucking hard.

  23. What about double tapping with the double barrel? Should be a garunteed kill and close enough range without any need for headshots. The reload is an issue but if you use cover effectively then it could be very viable. I loved the double barrel in story mode. Named her pastemaker cause it seems to make a big red mist of anything you hit with it. Plus it just looks intimidating.

  24. Literally no skill but ight

  25. I use it for animals like bunnies and birds to keep the three stars

  26. a head shot is a head shot

  27. Best gun the game idk about that it depends on where your fightin it has good fire rate and it locks on fast but that shit doesnt have range even with a scoop its good for kinda close fights or kid range fights not great for far range i was testin it out been usin it since day one

  28. What repeater do u think is the best for pvp

  29. Stop telling people this

  30. That is not 2-3 seconds for the repeater lol. Literally a second if that…

  31. I use the varmint rifle because ultimate edition.

  32. Nah.The lasso is the best

  33. I found this the other day it's so over powered in most wanted, I hope it gets nerfed cause atm there's no point in using any other gun

  34. Anyone else suffering from bad netcode? Nothing is more frustrating than shooting someone in the head getting a red hit marker and they don't die, or if you dive and bullet goes over you but still kills you? It feels like I'm fighting the bad net code and clunky controls more than I'm fighting the other players, the skill gap in this game is just auto aim adventure where luck with the severs determines the winner of a gunfight more than skill

  35. This is gonna end up like destiny 2 before they nerfed that laser rifle

  36. I feel like the Varmint rifle will have to be nerf like it takes 2 shots in the head to be a kill. I was getting headshots left and right no problem with it and kinda feels cheating hah

  37. Looks like someone found out about the gun smh why would you tell them

  38. Bro your about a week late on this

  39. Take a shot of whiskey every time he says "guys".

  40. taco wants to be hamlinz so bad

  41. Old news!!! Best gun for headshots even in story mode.

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