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secrets! to make windows xp much fast!!

Hey guys in this videos u will get some awesome tweaks that u can make on ur windows xp and they do speed up ur computer as well as are easy to do. So please do rate and comment. I hope making this video don’t go a waste

20 Comments on secrets! to make windows xp much fast!!

  1. thank you soo much man! now i can do my stuff i always wanted to do!!!

  2. @osnick12 xD Fail!! I using that too!! Vista theme for xp !! BTW

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  4. @makingdon Inscrease speed computer in installing softwares didn't make a OS fast…

  5. @makingdon LOL how to make xp fast = first setup Vista .. omfg


  7. @makingdon Ok , thanks alot .

  8. @makingdon ok . thanks alot , it really works for me .

  9. Did you delete the IconCache ?

  10. hey you have BItDefender! me too props man

  11. I have all of the service packs. Ill try to repair it though.

  12. you should also try %temp% at the start button with a icon run and you should delete all unuse internet files there cause they are really unuse i mean its not your personal stuff though is just internet junks when you use up a web and leave it and it will be safe in %temp% it works fine when you delete i try it ones

  13. how do you make camtasia zoom like that while recording?

  14. Why wont my computer let me go into regedit?

  15. check my video also for XP and Vista speed secrets 🙂

  16. lol vista theme my friend has that

  17. Good language my friend you speak well

  18. Thank you for these great tweaks, they really help. Those who insult here are pissed off because they are not the authors.

    This video is fast, but you can pause it to follow; but the close ups are great.

    You do need to have some knowledge to delete fonts; you may need them.

    There is one trick you did not mention to super speed the desktop menu: Current UserControlPanelDestopMenuShowDelay, set it to 0. The desktop menu will be notably faster.

    ATF Cleaner deletes all garbage at once.

  19. man yr too fast to catch up lol

  20. What is your vista skin in the video ?

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