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See what Windows Vista can do: Vista is NOT dead

I’m sure a lot of you recall I made a video a few months ago saying that Vista was a dead OS and basically exaggerated everything, well this is a video in response to that one, showing that VIsta is NOT dead.
If you are new to this channel and do not like Windows Vista, this video will hopefully show you that Windows Vista is not a bad OS, after opening a ton of my apps and 60 VLC clones, two virtual machines, and running the passmark performance test benchmark, all without a crash or freeze…

20 Comments on See what Windows Vista can do: Vista is NOT dead

  1. Windows Vista is too good for me! Also, I am using Windows 10 Build 10565 on my laptop. I like how UI of this version of Windows looks like, and yeah… For now, I don't have Windows Vista era machines anymore, but I will try dual-booting Windows 7 and Vista on my good ol' Pentium 4 PC.

  2. Do you know of a good ISO for installing Windows XP on a newer PC without getting a BSoD? Or just a solution?
    P.S. This was uploaded on my birthday.

  3. Vista isn't dead yet, but in 2017 it will be..

  4. Still, Windows Vista is kinda dead tho, probably isn't even used by 1% anymore. Windows 10 is so good lol.

  5. 7 to Vista transformation: Getting the Vista theme, wallpapers, icons, and sidebar ?

  6. Love to you and this beautiful video…thanks ..i love VISTA !

  7. What are the specs of the computer you used. Apparently that thing is a beast. 8 core processor?

  8. +2008WindowsVista can you make windows 8.1 transformation into new windows 10 without build

  9. I NEED HELP!!!
    So here's the problem: I installed Vista Ultimate SP2 x64 on my PC and I have a very very big driver problem. See, I installed all the software that I'm using, installed all drivers and that all is working just fine. But the most important driver is not working, VGA driver. It just sends me error message "This computer does not meet the minimum system requirements", so I downloaded the User manual. And the funny thing is, my PC is good machine and it should work. PC specs:
    Intel i3 550 @ 3.20 GHz (not overclocked)
    8 GB DDR3 RAM
    MSI H55M-P31
    Gigabyte GeForce 9600 GT silent
    1.0 TB Western Digital
    Corasir CX 430 80+ bronze power supply
    and LG CD/DVD rom
    To be detailed, this machine is from 2010., and I don't see why Vista doesn't working, I tried to with downloading drivers from MSI's website, I tried with GeForece Experience but it just won't work. (about GeForce Experience, when I download the program and run the installation, it just stops. I can do everything with my PC but it won't install.)
    Please somebody help me to solve this problem! I don't want to go back to ugly-ass-piece of shit Windows 10!! :(

  10. That is right vista was and still is a great os and even more people use it than 7 or 10.

  11. Thanks! Ill do a video with 7 on this same exact topic with my build!

    Im still working on Vista SP3 (unofficial)

  12. I have Windows Vista on my laptop. Not a bad Windows interface. Right people?

  13. windos vista system dowening ? o.O woow no dowen and waht the game and all apps on compyouter?

  14. BTW, I used Vista to watch this video on Chrome

  15. What's your PC case?

  16. 7:06 Windows 7 Ultimate ?

  17. Can you make a video about downgrading windows 10 to windows vista IF YOU CAN

  18. Do you think you can completely transform the current build of Windows 10 to look like windows vista? (the downside I know is that the taskbar cannot be reskinned)

  19. Great video! I would use Windows Vista (already have and love it's interface), but I have an AMD R9 380, and it doesn't have drivers for Vista! If only the guy who did the Catalyst Omega mod did a mod for the 15.7.1 drivers…

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