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seven transformation pack 5.1 | Fix taskkill

how to make windows xp or vista look like windows 7 using a transformation pack
a quick install that themes your windows vista and xp to look like windows seven
if any one knows how to fix the taskill.exe error ( new error user32.dl )
Download link ver5.0 :


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20 Comments on seven transformation pack 5.1 | Fix taskkill

  1. tải cái này em thấy lâu lắm

  2. a mi me toca aser una copia de mis programas para poder instaloarlo o que por fabor responde en español

  3. ßunLar Ne DiyeLEr amk ßişe AnLamıyamm

  4. @Nine9TailedFox
    No i fix this ERROR

  5. @playstation1331 then you just need to go to Windows Basic mode ?

  6. can u get the gadgets I NEED TO KNOW

  7. I HAVE TASK KILL problem and i have game problems… i now how to fix the game problem if u cant play some game u allready have just exit the transperancy program !!!

  8. @serialkissersband windows 7 transformation pack, wtf why would anyone need that to fuck up there already to good windows 7 no offense i love this transformation pack. but he who can afford windows 7 transformation pack has already bought windows 8 if ya know what i mean. not that you can buy it now but you know what i mean

  9. @alishomail hahah thts a wierd ant-virus.

  10. just search this on google ''VISTAMIZER" and download it then your computer look like a vista does not slow your computer

  11. jsearch this in google "VISTAMIZER'' and your computer will look like vista

  12. i intalled version 5.1

  13. does it delete files

  14. thank u it worked !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. @spreepin the new 5.1 version fixes that error!

  16. @serialkissersband you can call it 6.0 and wht do ya mean win 8 transformation pack… win 8 is not even out yet.

  17. @serialkissersband i have previously done that and nothing changed, the same error is coming up.. but the makers of the software said they are goin to make a new version that wont have that error

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