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Simple Tweak to make Hard Drive Faster (Windows 7/Vista/XP)

Heres a simple tweak to make your hard drive faster on Windows.
Type in device manager, open it, click on disk drives, find your hard drive, right click it, click properties, then policies and enable the options. Then just restart.

Increase your performance for free!

26 Comments on Simple Tweak to make Hard Drive Faster (Windows 7/Vista/XP)

  1. thanks but i want to increase hdd with command prompt how do i do this…

  2. If there is a power outage. RIP DATA

  3. Esto no es seguro si se va la luz adios todo….

  4. I like the length of the video very quick tutorial no longer talking , I tried it and it helped me a lot ,I'm using a laptop , but one thing is it freezes and I hold the power to force shutdown ? I'm gonna loss any data ,Please reply ! If YES I get it back to default !

    even if you have additional power supply on pc or a notebook with battery , if the computer breaks while working or you make a force shutdown holding the power button , the data on your drive might get corrupted or lost

  6. Gta 4 Gta 4 Gta 4!!!!!

  7. i have a problem, i do not have a UPS, what is happen when it comes a brownout?

  8. THANK YOU! It made my speed from 10-20 mbs to 100-200 mbs ;D

  9. Grand Theft Auto IV Theme Song. If you loose power using this setting Niko Bellic will not be pleased.

  10. I hope this works. I have a 5400 RPM Hard Drive with over 400 GB of data on it… I'm literally resorting to anything.

  11. It won't be a lot?! It changed my write speed from about 30-50 (Yes, it was very sad) to 80-100, I can't thank you enough! Massive thanks!

  12. I just can't risk this setting, my mother is notorious about switching off the house power supply Q.Q

  13. can u tell me the song, its awesome

  14. I don't understand that last check box… It says "turn off to flushing to prevent data loss" but then says" only select this box if you know that your drive will have external power" or whatever. How does that make sense?! So basically if you select the first one, but not the last one, it sounds like you won't lose your data?? I don't get it!!

  15. Im having a lot time to wait loading csgo maps, shall i do this so it charges faster?

  16. does this work for any disk drive because i only have one.

  17. he used camtasia

  18. Yes, you can proceed.

  19. I have a laptop and i will be carefull to charge the batery fully it lasts about 3 hours..Shall i proceed?Plz reply.i would really appreciate a little help.this is my new laptop and i trashed my previous one and not trying to take chances.

  20. If you have a laptop with a functional battery or a PC with a external power supply, you can change these settings about the cache. But if you don't have a external power supply, in case of a blackout or a forced shutdown, files can be damaged without being completely saved/flushed or something like that. I don't know how to explain you the details because i'm not a pro. But as I said, if you don't have a power supply don't enable this.

  21. How?Plz tell is it safe?Or should i keep it as it is.

  22. what is the program you use to record the video

  23. GTA4 is based on Russian mob…

  24. Wrong, russian music 😉

  25. Peopla may lose data doing this.

  26. Nice background.

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