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Solfeggio MI 528Hz & OM (isochronic, healing, cleansing, grounding, cleanse crystals.)

Pure tone 136.1Hz OM.
Pure tone 528Hz Solfeggio MI.
Isochronic Beat with 136.1Hz beat and 528Hz base frequencies.

528Hz – Solfeggio MI frequency – Transformation and miracles, DNA repair, strengthens cell walls, third chakra (Manipura).

136.1Hz – Frequency of OM. Earth frequency. Also called the frequency of the soul. Promotes harmony with the cosmos. Opens blocked energy pathways and restores balance. Associated with the Anahata (Heart) chakra.

Use this for healing, cleansing auras,…

19 Comments on Solfeggio MI 528Hz & OM (isochronic, healing, cleansing, grounding, cleanse crystals.)

  1. great video! been using this for ages for crystal cleansing and grounding myself. turn up the stereo and it goes well 🙂 bet my neighbours love it haha

  2. Thank you for this. I'm new to crystals and there are so many ways to clean them. Some are some piano tunes going up and down the keys and other ways are putting them in water for 24 hrs. I know some crystals don't take well to water, especially salt water (as some say to add salt). This doesn't hurt them and is shorter than 24 hrs. but longer than the piano tunes.

  3. It always weirds me out when these things claim to "strengthen cell walls."  Humans don't have cell walls, so what plants and bacteria are listening to videos on youtube?

  4. Sorry I'm crazy enough already, cant imagine, long live Nature!

  5. Is this a binaural beat?

  6. How does this work? 

  7. Will it be good for "energy cleaning" my home? So whats if i play this without headphones by my speakers ?

  8. My ears are vibrating after that one and I didn't even have to plug in my earphones in my tablet.

  9. Just wanted to say thanks for this…one thing I want to know is how many times should I listen to this?

  10. amazing how the frequency resonates and vibrates.

  11. Thank you so much . I appreciate you. This helps me astral project . Any tips?

  12. ok, I have 4 days to look for a new place, lets see if this helps me from freaking out

  13. Well, as I began my journey to meditate, I listened to this and all of sudden I look down and between my legs I had grown a 3rd legs and that is when I realized my penis grew. THANK YOU!

  14. i use SAMSUNG S5 earphones to listen for this version … is that ok ? or it could mess up the frequencies ? plz help  ? 

  15. immediate relaxation. Thank you for this. Awesome

  16. I think u r a genius.  😉
    Just saying thank you

  17. Check out this video on YouTube:

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