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Sticky Keys CMD hack (Windows XP)

This vid will show you how to replace sticky keys (accessed when you hit shift 5 times really fast) with CMD. This will allow you to use any cmd commands you desire right from the logon screen with out logging in. This is very helpful when your at school and you want to get in someones account like a teachers =p ENJOY!!

11 Comments on Sticky Keys CMD hack (Windows XP)

  1. if you are on a version higher then xp it wont work

  2. I can't, because I need accsess from TrustedInstaller. WTF?!

  3. doesnt work!!! shit bag!!!!!!!

  4. ———————————–THUMBS UP SO EVERYONE CAN SEE—————————

    This only works on XP so its no use for a school computer.
    nearly every school has a administrator so how can you do
    it from your school computer, you will only change your
    own password.

    Thanks alot for wasting my time hope you have no subs !!

  5. fuck u…. get my password lost

  6. When i try to move the sethc file out to my dekstop it tells me "Cannot move sethc: Access is denied" What do i do now?

  7. I followed doing that but the command prompt didn't appear after pressing shifts 5 times.

  8. yeah, it only turned on once and I couldn't do it again no matter how fast I tapped shift

  9. are you sure u followed all of the steps?

  10. I went on my login screen and it didn't work

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