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Street Fighter: The Later Years

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45 Comments on Street Fighter: The Later Years

  1. this was my first video

  2. This video was uploaded a month after I was born

  3. Dam, how many times you have to drop out of collage to keep making these videos ?????

  4. LOVE it even more than 10 years

  5. whos watchin this in 2022?

  6. This series was and still is so dope!

  7. They got rid of their true 1st video

  8. So this is how it begins!

  9. We want king of fighters too ????

  10. So this is where it all went wrong.

  11. This video is older that me, by two months!!????

  12. This is like smosh 2.0

  13. Wow this is so old

  14. zangief was a pro wrestler. hed be at least doing indie gigs in the future

  15. Damn! 12 years old! Anyone else miss the old group?

  16. I don’t recognize anyone…

  17. This video was released 8 months after I was born.

  18. what happened to these people in the video, how did the new owners come about

  19. this video is only a month younger than me

  20. I just realised this was made on my birthday

  21. Crazy to think this came out 20 years ago… 2026 wya?

  22. 0:00 a youtube legendary channel is born

  23. Still better than most videos today

  24. 12 years ago…. I have no words

  25. Hah this is truly what college humor would be like at its truest form

  26. 1rst comment in a week baby

  27. Ah, the good old days. When College Humour was still funny.

    Half these jokes wouldn't even fly nowadays. They'd be considered "offensive".

  28. This was made 1 year and 4 days, before my bday lol

  29. And so begins my journey, I am going to try and make a complete college humor kill count.
    I will be calculating both on screen and possible deaths throughout the next few years. Wish me luck.

    Current Count:

    Confirmed Kills: 0

    Possible Kills: 0

  30. Dude…. WTF happened to college humor? The used to be original, authentic, funny videos. now its just some half-assed regurgitated backwashed bullshit…. man i miss the old days.

  31. This is CollegeHumor. Not whatever it became now.

  32. (Agressgively scrolls down to find a 12 year old comment)

  33. welp this is really old

  34. So this is where it started

  35. Beginning of Mia khalifa 0:00

  36. This video was made 13 years after sf2 came out. It is now 13 years after this video came out. Soooo…… pfffff…… yeah now we're really hella old. And yet, Street fighter is still an extremely popular franchise. SF5 is still huge. Ryu and Ken are still hadoukening all over the place.

  37. anyone watching it in 2019?

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