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Stupid Windows Tricks Vol II (XP)

This just goes over some registry tweaks that can come in handy.
I covered:

Altering time to kill app after end task is clicked by user
Foreground focus and user input needed taskbar flashing values
Altering time system waits for user processes to end before logoff/shutdown
Altering the show menu delay on mouseover (ex – “all programs”)

Hope you enjoy.

9 Comments on Stupid Windows Tricks Vol II (XP)

  1. its HKEY CURRENT USER > Control Panel > Desktop > HungAppTimeout
    The thing with Vista is that this value may not be there, so youd need to create a new REG SZ value named HungAppTimeout and specify your value there.

  2. Im trying on vista but can't seem to find hungAppTimeout
    help please

  3. read the commentsbefore -.-

  4. These work for Vista, too! Nice tutorial.

  5. That was awesome man, I love tweaking the computer!
    Keep up the videos dude! 🙂

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