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Terraria Top 5 Mods | Best Mods | Mods 1.3

Terraria Top 5 Mods looks at the best mods you can download and play with Terraria via tmodloader!
I look at several mods such as Tremor and Thorium, list their best qualities and give you some tips and when to use them! Enjoy!

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37 Comments on Terraria Top 5 Mods | Best Mods | Mods 1.3

  1. Note This video was made in August 2016 LONG before Calamity was huge in popularity! Hi guys! New to our channel and want to see more? Come check out our latest videos here: ????

  2. #4 is already implemented into Calamity.

  3. Happydays i really like ut videos:) this video is so Funny when you almost die and Yells : NO NO NO XD

  4. Updated list:
    1. Calamity mod
    2. Thorium mod
    3. Imk sushi mod
    4. Luiafk mod
    5. Elements unleashed

  5. Calamity is my favorite mod.

  6. 99% Calamity 1% normal

  7. People scroll too fast to comment that they miss that the video was made in 2016 before calamity, fury, etc.

    They even don't have the time to read YOUR COMMENT THAT YOU PINNED it.

  8. veinminer should be there

  9. I thought it would be a showdown with tremor calamity overhaul and thorium

  10. my top five is as follows:
    1. Calamity (best content mod)
    2. Alchemist NPC (lite)
    3. Recipe Browser
    4. Boss healthbar
    5. Boss checklist

  11. why there is no Calamity mod ?

  12. Calamity should be on here


  14. You should have calamity listed

  15. i wouldve thought Calamity was on the list

  16. lol thorium was my first mod i downloaded an i fount that tree to make op spinning stick then i fell a sleep and op stick still spinning and im alive with lot of loot (that first healer item)

  17. Thorium ROCKS

    But calamity is cool too

  18. where the HELL IS CALLAMITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Thank you guys for recommending our mod! 😀

  20. My favourite mod is thorium but I can’t seem to download it.
    I also ( sorry) but you (maybe accidentally) forgot calamity mod. Thanks!

  21. I thought the calamity mod would be in this video 🙁

  22. My favorite mod is loot bonus and it should be at this list

  23. Zoaklen should add a ninja npc that sells throwing items

    He falls out of king slime like diver men comes out of Queen jellyfish


  25. Calamity is personally my favorite mod

  26. He should.of.has heroes mod

  27. Calamity- Also an extension to the game, similar to Tremor. Also adds like over 1000 items and more bosses that could make you stronger
    Overhaul- Ever felt like experiencing the question of 'What if Terraria was a bit more realistic?' ? Well, now you can with Overhaul mod. It can really change the difficulty for those who thought that Expert mode was casual. Bosses can actually scream, making you pale.

  28. I know this is late, but I like avalon mod.

  29. What about calamity?

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