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The Basics – Windows 7 Virtual XP Mode – Hello Everyone, This is my first ever Windows 7 tutorial! This tutorial is specifically about the new feature that everyone has been raving about! The Virtual XP mode add-on. This downloadable feature is available from Microsoft and, for free, it runs Windows XP in a virtual machine and also allows to run programs in a compatibility environment using the XP framework. Users no longer have to worry about incompatible programs. Unfortunately this feature will only…

19 Comments on The Basics – Windows 7 Virtual XP Mode

  1. Your infected with maleware.

  2. all i got was a VHD file

  3. sera por que tu tienes una mierda de pc y nunca has usado windows 7 tendras windows mierda en tu pc -_-?

  4. if you think win7 is bad, you should see win8! its a whole new level of bad!

  5. does anyone know how windows xp mode works with windows xp games?

  6. so did you install firefox within the virtual xp, yea?

  7. dude you put a different password for xp. try entering nothing in the password box.

  8. duhh. you need pro or enterpirse or ultimate.
    if you want it really bad check out my video. its better then winvpc anyways.

  9. Help! im in home basic and i can't install!

  10. Can someone help me with the Enable Integration features?? =.= O_o the problem is, when I enable it, I do the password thing from the windows 7 (not XP) but when it goes to the XP screen for username and password, I put my windows 7 username and password (doesn't work) my Windows XP username and windows 7 password( doesn't work) help please.

  11. its cause your version isnt geniune

  12. oye aunque me instale windows 7 y el ordenador sea de 32 o algo me lo podria bajar el xp

  13. I think so. Activate your version of windows.

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